Ny Års/New Year Inspirational DECORS!!! cheers to ALL...

JO, NU ÄR 2008 SLUT!!!

Året gick så fort och så åldern med §:-)

2008 var ett spännande och utmanade år inte bara för mig utan hela världen. Mitt 2008 var upp och ner men ändå jag kan inte klaga för det! Hyfsat år även om dem 3 sista månaderna var tuffa båda min hälsa och finansvärlden.
Men, vi MÅSTE skåla och välkomnar det nya året med ett stort BANG...


This year came so quick likewise my & others ages §:-)

2008 was an exciting & very provocative year to many of us. This year, for me was a lil up & down, in a way, I never whine. It's a well-mannered year for me & my family although these 3 last months was a tough months due to my health and the financial crisis.

BUT, that's passé now, we MUST give a TOAST for a more happy & blissful 2009...

Below are my inspirational New Year's Party Decors. Our's isn't that flashy but almost in the same level though...*LOL
This is the champagne table in silver & white motif...
Still in white & silver the colour of the year, if you ask me?
In the main table, a pineapple cook & glazed ham welcomes the family...
The family or asian tradition is that we have to gather 12 kinds of fruits, for a more fruitful year!
A pink champagne or red wine, will do in this new year to come...

I just want to thank you to all of you who are very kind and bare me and my whinings these past 5 months. AM so blessed and so happy to make so many friends that without you, my bloglandia, won't exist! Thank you all for sharing YOUR little corners of the world with me over the past months! You have inspired and encouraged me more than you know.

Before signing out for this year, I would like to share to you all that I got 3 awards( it's in uploaded in the left corner) this month of December... this is amazing. I never thought that so many ladies, out there we're following me & MY DREAMS, that one day, this may COME TRUE...


A quite Christmas, New Years Preparation & Year's last SSS

Yes! the best Christmas ever. My closest family were gathered together at my cousin's house. Me & her nearest kin, i.e. our husbands, my 2 kids and her 2 kids. Isn't that quite? This was the season for family gatherings, if you ask me. No stress ever, no flashy preparations. Hallelujah...
Moi in a giant Christmas tree
My kiddos (Kj & Lizah)
I wish the New Year will just as quite as our Christmas Eve. This time the whole family in my side are going to gather at Di's place and will sleep over so our hubbies can enjoy the champagne too!
Our fireworks last 2008
My duaghter Liz w/ cos Di & Nicole
Me enjoying the snowflakes at NY's eve
It's Sunday again! Soon bye 2008... well, here at home is busy renovating as we have a long Christmas & NY vacation.

Sunday, means to me a cool day, with our SSS hosted by our very own "hey harriet"
Take a look for a moment for my last Shadow Shot Sunday 2008...
My niece's daughter at the beach
Taken at the People's Park, Dvo
The medical protest at Sergel Torg, Stockholm last summer
This is in Samal Island where my 3rd wedding was held.
C´mon with the same guy, mind U §:-))

Now, stay tune to
for more fun shadow photos! ENJOY UR READING...


My dear Ladies,

Today is the day that we share love and understanding to each and everyone. If we don't start this act, who will?


May GOD Bless US All...

I will be away for a couple of days and hope we all stay tune!

Shadow Shot Sunday #10

Of course, the week-end come to an end! But no worries, folks we have an enjoyable themes during this day. Firstly, I joined the SSS hosted by our very own "hey harriet" from the land downunder!

It's fun though! at first I was worried when winter comes coz we do have a very poor sunlight. Then, as days & week-ends go by, I been evolving how I could get a perfect shot. Funny huh?

This morning; I was lazy and stayed in bed till 15 to 10am. This is really not me but I feel influenza is coming back like head spins, nausea, muscle pain, etc etc. therefore I decided to be in bed. My hubby woke me up (although am already awaken) himself have a terrible flu. "wakey wakey! sun is shining and LOOK your shadow, is peepin UP!. Oh yeah! got them...Rush w/ my pj's infront the house & this is my best shot of today...

Hubby caught in the act while we're chasing my shadow shot!
He's involve too "hey harriet" §:-)
My plum tree shadow was perfectly seen in the
back right side gable of the house
The best shot!!!

Now, head over to our host "hey harriet". Hope you have or had a wonderful Sunday...

MY Inspirational X´mas Decors & Freaky Friday

These are my inspirational Christmas decors that am dreaming of. Sooo simple & clean but so classy. Hopefully, this dreams come true or NOT…

My room-to-be this Christmas §:-)
Young L room-to-be! She reckoned " so nice w/ the red & white" touché
Then, this is our sitting area, this Christmas as the weather will be wetty & chilly!
Det är 5 dagar kvar innan julafton. Hoppas att Ni inte har sprungit runt omkring och stressat ihjäl Er. Själv har jag ta det lugnt. Jag blir inte en undermänniska om jag gör det. Jag har ingen ork och har ingen lust heller nu när barnen är stora så känns att man har gjort sitt ansvar.

Klart att jag har pyntat och gjort fint hemma. Bakade och ska laga mat som vi tar med oss hos min kusin på julafton. Det blir då en familjemiddag.

Veckan tog slut igen? Tiden verkligen går så fort. Ni vet väl att varje fredag jag alltid har mina fräckisar.
Just denna dag har jag lite att tillägga

Visit me this week-end? Look up! U can find me under my guards tummy §:-)
C yah there...
Or, left turn, U might see the simple place *wink
No worries, ladies! I really have a cozy place, though!
Would you join me in my gorgeous tub? *LOL
And mind you? Living in my world? Have a sit in my fancy coin chair!
Who said it's crisis nowadays, are they NUTS? *smile

5 days left before Christmas Eve. Hope you’re not running and stressing your days to reach your goal of having the perfect Christmas. Personally, I take it easy. I don’t have energy and have no desire doing a perfect one & now when the kids are grown up it feels that it I made my best shots for them. Obviously, I have decorated and fix nice at home. Baked and will cook as we take with us at my cousin's on Christmas Eve (pot luck). It then becomes a family dinner & mingling till the next day.

Week ended again? The time really goes so fast. You know well that every Friday I always have my freaky day.
Now, these are my best shots!

Renovering/Renovation of Daughter's Room

Jo, inför julen räcker inte att man stressar ihjäl sig med all handlingar av mat och julklappar utan man stressar oxå med renoverings projekt hemma.

Nu är vi fullt upp med renovering i köket, hallen och dotternsrum. Köket och hallen snart klart med tacket och så ska målas och sätter tapeter. Aldrig tar slut.

Dottern mumlar att hennes rum ska målas om oxå... Nu har vi kollat med hur vi ska göra om det. Hon vill ha ngn lila liknande, så är det bara att följa, eller NOT? Hon vill inte ha vit som morsan §:-)

Några inspirationer inför målningen och renovering:
Antonnete & Manuel design
Lagerling'sLagerling'sDrake Design associate Jeffers Design


I wonder why Christmas season make us so stressy? Do we really do that? What for? No one actually ask us to give or make the best of the season, right? Can't we just prepare the things that we handle freely? Ahhhh... so easy to say than done!!! Well, am trying to calm down. I realized am not young anymore and my energy isn't that tiptop. My cousins and I will share the Christmas & New Year celebration. This Christmas, we gather at Glyn's house & on New Year at Di's. We share the chores and I guess, this is the easy ways for everybody. This isn't mean greediness without just saving the time running from house to house. Well, this is just my way of saving my energy and I just want to have a relaxing long juletide vacation, as well as my dear hubby who'll renovating daughter's room. As I informed earlier, that the kitchen and hall is almost done. The painter is coming on week-end. So, let see what will be the outcome.

How about you ladies? Do you have some tips for us to share how we can save our time & energy and of course more fun gathering in one's house till the next day, aint't it? Pls. share!!!

3:rd Advent, My SSS...shopping & X'mas Tree is now UP, Award

Idag är lite trög för mig. Jag har lite dålig morgon och så hela dagen är förstörd. Men så är det livet, ibland! IAF, vi hade en lugn förutom min shopping, kompisar och så julgranen är nu uppe.Den är inte färdig pyntat än men det kommer. Jag skulle vilja ha bara röda julkulor men dottern, kom ut och hängde hennes guldkulor. Hmmmm... inte så mycket att göra åt saken än att bara samsas. Den står nu i veranda och hoppas den står till julafton och inväntar på snön.

My angel & Sta. are my Christmas Tree guardians
The unfinished X'mas Tree is UP in the open porch awaiting for the snowfalls...

3:e advent var kul med vännerna runt omkring oss... lite international dag §:-))
Always love angels... my fave for my 3rd day of Advent
The naughty angel reflexes as ME *wink
A real copy, indeed!!!
The mulled wine I serve, of course...
My Shadow Shot Sunday share this week...
Of course... every Sunday am w/ my SSS friends and this is hosted by our very own "hey harriet" from my dreamland "DownUnder"...
So, to you who didn't peep in at her blogsite, pls. do! So much fun w/ the shadow shots. I didn't realized till now, that one can make a dramatic shots w/ shadows...
Now, will hand over to our host: "hey harriet"
This is unpected shot, taken today for my 3rd Sunday of Advent...
Candlelights reflexes in my glas cabinet §:-)
The pathway to the garage one snowy morning...
Young L... enjoying the water sprinkle on a hot summer day!!!
What is my Sunday w/out joining the fun for a "Scenic Sunday" hosted by my co-phily girl
I love sun, sky & water!!! This is my dream day to my Scenic Sunday...
"Irene" was my winner of my christmas giveway recently and of course, she got the package yesterday, after the dramatical mode I had 2 weeks ago. Irene, sorry for the delayed!


My Freaky Fruits Friday Shots & Luciatåget

Ett sent inlägg för min fräckis fredag. Jo, jag är lite upptagen både jobb och hemma. Jag hade inte sagt att jag och gubben min fixar och dunnar hemma. Vi fixar taket i köket och hallen. Just nu så är det lite rörigt och dammigt här vad än jag gör!

Men! vad är en fredag utan mina fräckisar, eller hur? Som Ni alla vet har vi inte så mycket sol så här årstid därför vill jag bjuda Er för en vitamin kick!!! Så varsågoda, mina damer...
Apple for a more healthy skin this winter time...
Luv bananas...after my work-out! Ain't yah?...
Fluid is one of the most important thing for a human being to survive
So, have one watermelon, like am doing although it's winter...
Dare to try my asian orange?
More vit. C, Ladies? Asian pomelo, pineapple & orange, jst name it...
Orange is a wonder for? read the "label", pls? *wink
I really need this, so I go for it without saying, BUT!

Sorry, ladies, if am a bit quite this past few weeks. 2 weeks ago, something happen at my house, that caused beyond my control & this week? am busy at work due to a re-organisation of my department. While coming home, another task is waiting for us. Of course, me & MOTH we're fixing the ceiling of our hall & kitchen with the help of our handy man. So, right now I'm tired of our dusty & a tupsy turvy home.

Yeah! what's a Friday without my Freaky post, huh? Winter time, each of us living in a cold country really need a vitamin kick. So, enjoy my freaky shots, girls!
Sta. Lucia

December 13 is a special day in most part of the European countries in honour of Sta. Lucia. An italian saint. In Sweden, this day, swedes celebrates it with a big party, specially the young ones. Boose & more boose §:-) while the old ones enjoyed the special buns & mulled wine...

For more deeper explanation about this myth? Pls press this link: "Sta. Lucy"
Luciatåget/Lucia procession

What's Up?

Yeah! still going up here @DaBox... Days goes so quickly. It's June now, but our Mother Nature is not in the mood sharing her like...