SSS #5 & Award to Everybody!

What is Saturday/Sunday if we don't chase the most important shots for the w/end, huh? Luckily, when I just woke up, I saw a lil sunlight. Lil L shouted, too! "MUM! hurry... UR CAM" he he §:))

Sometimes, it's funny coz everybody around me are involved in our game.
Thanks T "hey harriet" for making our w/end funny!

Here's the best shot I got this day!
Sun really shines for us today! Shadow from stairs to spa
Then, lil L poses if I can get a nice shot of her §:-)
Ahhh!!! another mum & daughter pix trying to have the BEST one
But to no avail...

HAVE A WONDERFUL W/END, LADIES... always keep heads UP high & think positively whether we're UP or we're down. Can't make things better thinking negatively.

Peace to ALL...


This is the only thing I can give & show you All my appreciation of thanking.
You been all great for following me even though my post isn't that appealling or not that interesting but still you're here.

"En award till alla = An award to everybody"
Whoever drop by here, can bring this heartily award to your room.
VARSÅGODA tjejer...

Freaky Winter Finds for my Freaky Day!

Yes! fredag igen! DAX för mina fräckisar... Nu är teman "VINTER"
Ha kul, mina tjejer!
Awwws!!! Welcome D´Simps? This is SOO COOL, indeed...
Cheers, MATES! help URselves...
Ha! this is how my garage looks like, during swedish winter time...
Nuns, just wanna have FUN, too, pls? §:-)
Which is MINE? hmmm...

YES! week goes too quick, huh? It's Friday & of course, don't forget to stop & visit me to have a lil smile in your faces.


YUP!!! What Can I Say... TO MAKE YOU SMILE?

So different in many ways... I meant, MEN & WOMEN!!!
Pls. use your sounds for more fun effect §:-)

What's Behind that BEAUTY #1, LADIES?

Jo, många av mina kompisar och bekanta är lite skraja när dem kommer och hälsar hos oss. Skälet? Lilla jag är så pedant. Hmmm... jag instämmer att jag är men det betyder inte att dem blir osäker när dem är hemma. Det är mitt sätt att må bra. Jag gillar organiserat hem = organiserat liv.

De som känner mig väl skojar, ALLTID! De brukade öppna mina lådor, garderober och annat som göms, med tanken på att de hittar en oorganiserad lådor och dylikt. Ha ha... dem drog även pekfinger och letar efter damm men... *wink---"hittar icke"!!! Det är sant... Jag blir så stressad när jag vet att en av mina lådor eller förråd är stökiga. Sån är jag. och det är bara jag. Mitt livstil...jag mår bra av det!

Hur är det med Er hemma? Gillar Ni att hålla fint hemma med? Inte bara utanför utan även innanför? Har Ni ngt att dela med Er? så att en hemmafru kan bli nöjd, ändå!

Här är mitt kök... Ni kan öppna alla lådor närsomhelst och dem är väl organiserade...
What's behind in here?
On the top of my stove, you find my spices that spices my LIFE, §:-)
Beside plates, you find my coffee cups & tea pots
This are the cupboards for everyday use plates & glasses
Do you know what's under?... GUESS!
My everyday use kitchen utensils are well organised, & covered as always

All the casseroles & other kitchen stuffs
Food plastic bags, baking paper, folie & plastic folie are well organised too
This are my stuffs behind, from flour, sugar, couscous & raisins
Different kinds of oil, soya & vinegar, table black pepper & salt
Are gathered in one place so I could reach easily. I like the nice bottles big or small
It makes your things elegant and able to display

Hello Ladies, Today, I would like you to know my real me and my pedantic way. It might be a bit hard for you to understand why I'm acting like this. Some of my friends don't feel at ease when their at home as they feel that am too pedantic and well organised. Well, they can't blame me for that. I don't mind they come over & make my home tupsy turvy. I can clean after everybody's gone, though? I love and cherish a well organised home. It means for me an organise LIFE too. I think, I got this way from my mum. She's so much like me or vice versa. Everything must be in the right place. Just thinking of a place that is not organise.This really makes me feel stress. As I know, sooner or later, I will be the one who will fix it. So, I better fix it now than wait later huh? It might be a bit hard job but am enjoying doing it & am not whining at all. To those who knows me best, used to tease me. Like opening my cupboards, drawers, wardrobe places just to see if, I hide something unorganise but to no avail. Sometimes, they dragged their fingers on to the window panels & curio cabinets, looking for dust but * wink to no avail too!!! That's how I am. Am not ostentatious, am just being me. Makes me happy & can't help it. Hope you accept me for what I am, OK?

How about you, ladies? Are you organised too? These are just the things that makes a housewife happy. Making our abodes lively & full of love... I hope you can share yours too, if you don't mind? Am counting on you, girls?

Archive finds SSS #4 & an Award to share...

Am always enjoying the fun Shadow Shot Sunday. This is my 4th entries of the year and as I always said, "chasing shadows in a cold & dark country isn't appealing". Been chasing the whole Saturday but to no avail. It's good that my archives are full of things to share with.

Here are some of my Tutti Frutti Shadow Shots Sunday Entries...
My cousin Glyn's unforgettable moment in her life
I love the cross on the grave behind us
My aunt visits in Stockholm as she lives in California
Me goes fishing, am I?
Liz wonders her thoughts about the Baltic Sea
The best girls mates/cowgirl's were lost in Helsingborg!
Waiting for somebody's horses?
This catches my eyes when I turned the lights on- in my curio cabinet full of crystal glasses...
Glasses are from Orrefors Crystal Products "Black Line"

Now head over to our host "hey harriet" the girl from the l"and down under"

Pls. press the link for a HAPPIER & FUN week-end to ALL...,0,1036393.blurb

I was so glad that a nice young lady who follows my bloglandia without any interuption knocked my door and said "you've got something to pick up in my room". Huh! voilá! This is what I got from her. A wonderful award that it says " You have a cute/sweet blog". Do I? Thanks "lily of the valley" for giving me the honour of having this award. Million thanks!

The rule for this award is:
1. Choose your 7 awardees
2. Link their names in your blog
3. You have to let them know
4. Upload this award logo on their blogs
5. Link the name of the bloger who give you the award

Here's my awardees:
Hey Harriet
Le Vie Est Belle

Ladies, enjoy your Sunday & hope to see you in a new happy week!!!

Random Freaky Finds on my Freaky Friday

HURRA...HURRA...HURRA...HURRA... eh? Fyller ngn år? §:-)
NIX! Jag är så glad att det är nämligen fredag och så är dax för mina fräckisar.
Har inte så mycket att erbjuda på idag. Orka inte! Huvét är fortfarande ONT! men---
I wonder what are we going to say when our kids come home w/ this hairstyle, huh?
It's going to freak MUMS OUT...

Is it my hubby serenading me? Look! Are the houses singing w/ him too?...
HUH! cellfon freaks? Good on Yah, mate!
This is way to my place, you have to cross this fly-over...dare to?
Can you find your way IN?

HURRAY! it's Friday again. I got my random finds for my freaky day. Ain't much nicer than the other but I found these are freaky cutes too. I still have my terrible headache and it's the 3rd day today & can't bare it anymore. So, therefore you might see it in my works too, huh? Anyways, I can't keep away to give you all a lil smile in your faces...


Pinky thoughts w/ a terrible Migraine

Åhhhh.... huvét är verkligen sååå ONT hela dagen. Jag var på yoga för att mildra det onda men så gör det inte ändå. Rusade hem och familjen inte är hemma. Skönt! för att vara ensam en stund.

Låg ett tag på soffa för att lugna ner mig och då kom drömmarna flöda i tankarna. Hoppades att det hjälper men icke.

My Pinky thoughts infact of my Migraine...
My Pinky simple lounge, huh?
In the right corner will be my cozy reading area §:-)
To ease my migraine, I choose this cozy pinkish/purplish seating are in my bedroom
Images courtesy BH

Gosh! my head is SPINNING and it's not funny. Am I whining again? Well, sort of! but how can I try to hide the pain? Anyways, I had this terrible migraine the whole day. I went for a yoga during lunch time thinking to ease the pain. Unfortunately, it doesn't.

I rushed home and found out that hubby & daughter aren't home. Hmmm... a wonderful feelings just alone home for awhile & for a change. I don't meant harm to both of my dear ones. Just, when times like this, I would like to hide from everybody.

While layin down on the couch, suddenly my inspirational thoughts plays. Of course, it's cool but not simple, huh? You seen it, ain't yah?


Mitt dröm KÖK / My dream KITCHEN in this dreary day

En trist tisdag och jobbet växer bli bara jobbigare. Jag sitter och tittar genom dem skitiga fönstren och ser att det blåser och det kommer bli mycket hal i väggarna.

Sån här tid så drömmer man. Jag som alltid drömmer vad än jag gör… Så klart!

Som kanske Ni vet att vi hade piffat upp vårt lilla kök i December och jag är nöjd och tycker att det ser bättre ut jämför med det mörka paneler i taket innan. Men OM jag vara har mycket ”Cash” i fikan så är mitt kök ska se ut så här… Drömmer ska man, det är väl gratis, eller hur?
Amazing Grace...this is mine...
Wishing my baking area is like this §:-(

This kitchen is almost like mine... "in my dreams"
owner is a friend & co-blogger "The Inspired Room"
While mine? hmmm... just the colour is the same but way far from hers
My zink on the mahogany wood. Not that fascinating but better than we expected W/ the italian tiles
Well, am happy though, that I have a kitchen full of happiness
The new ceiling in my kitchen is better than the panels we had

A dreary Tuesday and unbeatable work, means more dreadful day. Am sitting in my office and stare at thru the dirty windows. Geees… it is windy, it is gray & drizzly. What can I ask for more? Yeah! An icy streets, indeed!!!

In times like this, I almost feel asleep, awaken. Of course, with my unreachable dreams, as usual?

Awhile ago, as I stated several times in my posts, we had a make-over in our little kitchen, after all from my squeaking & I think it's a bit better that we had before. But, if I have all the $$$ in my pocket, I do not mind to have this lovely kitchens & I LUV ém all…

Ladies, just bare w/ me today, OK? as I am in my dreamland. In my huge, beach house w/ all the wonderful women around, hmmm… Well… "WAKE UP" a colleague said! "Lunch time, aren't you hungry?"

END of my day dreaming... enjoy whatever moods we are!

A story of mother & daughter While Chasing Shadows Shot Sunday #3

Last Saturday was my hard day. After cleaning the house for 9 hours, my dear hubby gave me & lil daughter or Big one a day OFF in town (Sunday) to have a Mum-Dott day.
It was fun together and both we're really enjoyed the day off for our chasing day shadows...

"hey harriet"
Thanks for our fun DAY
Lil L just want to posed to show the temperature of the day
Press the photo to see the temp.
At the right wing of the bridge is the famous restaurant GONDOLEN/Slussen

Plane catches our eyes & wishes we're on the way to a tropical weather
In times like this...

C´mon Ladies? Join us for our FUN day...
Yey!!! on the way to Kingsgarden, we saw this thing...
Who's taller mum? Perfect!!!
Phils. Embassy in Skeppbron
Awww!!! am going there, hang ON...
Philly! Here I come??? Help me to chase the perfect
shot for my!
On the way To Philippines...
WELCOME for that Nice shadow shot
WAAHH... can't open. Can someone share a hand?
Sunday, close but Here U go! still a perfect shot

A wonderful day together and if you want to check more SSS, I hand you over to our very own host
"hey harriet"

What's Up?

Yeah! still going up here @DaBox... Days goes so quickly. It's June now, but our Mother Nature is not in the mood sharing her like...