Mingling With The Famous Interior Designer's On My SSS #25

Nu är värmen är här!!! Så underbar känsla, eller hur? Jag kan inte ens beskriva mina känslor. Den är verkligen men smak, alltså §:-))

Jo---jo---bakgrunden bara ekar, Ni vet vad den betyder. Familjen instämmer med eftersom båda är ju vana med värmen, men dottern vill helst ha höst som vår vinter. "WHATEVAH" mumlar jag sur.

IAF... helgerna är ju min skuggjakt bilder och denna dag lördag i Sverige och Söndag i Australien, var jag på en live interior design visning på "Bo:X" i Kungen's Kurva i Stockholm. Dem är kända par och jättetrevliga och så jordnära. Jag kom dit ensam i tid, så jag en annan dam hade denna snygga killar för oss själva i 1½ timme innan deras visning börjar. Så kul att se. Känns som på tv!

My gazebo crown gave me a cool shot when me & hubby had our brekky...
Hubby had a hand free to take this shot, ???
Ahhh--- the candle lamp in the entrance porch...
What is this?
He he---my elephant flower stand! at the open porch

Then, my hubby drove me to the furniture center, a 10 mins. drive from where I live.

This is the entrance---then I dropped by to the great stores around b4 I ended up to my destination...

"Pls. press the photos for a bigger size as I have several photos to show, for the collage"
Pix from left is the entrance of the furniture store---
Sia design---my fav store
Simon & Tomas, Tomas give advice

Simon Davies from England at work:
-Bisarre room, him falling the carpet
-The finish work
-Tomas give the finishing touch 2pix
-Coffee table
Me, mingling the couple b4 & after.
SORRY folks, the lady who took the photos didn't do a good job
But, I guess You still can see glimpses of shadows here & there *wink

This is the best weather ever this spring/summer day. Ahhh!!! 30deg isn't bad, eh? Not at all, my good folks! This is the best thing I could imagine by now.

"WHATEVAH" I heard from the background! Wohooo! my daughter is working today voluntarily in Stockholm Marathon. That is cute, right? You know what she & her friends do? Their task is to remove the running chips that is stuck somewhere in the participant's shoes. 18,000 participants means, 600 chips for every kid, right? She's happy though, that the weather is so friendly today.

My task for today was watching my fav interior designer's "Simon & Tomas" the whole morning 10-12.30. Fantastic job they showed. It was funny that they showed the typical swedish room that Simon called "The Bisarre Room" then they have a 20 sqm. adult room to design. Really amazing that they just look at the space & BAAM! they have the decors in place? I planned for ages but didn't came my goal. It makes more a mess. As Simon says "krims-krams or
knick-knacks" Anyways, GREAT JOB & FABULOUS DONE...

Remember to visit our host from the land-down-under
"Hey Harriet"

Flag Day on My Freaky Day

Just det! Veckan tog slut ögenblickligen när man har rolig. Jag har inte det mesta rolig veckan med det tillståndet jag har, men vad ska jag göra då? Livet leker och det ska gå vidare, eller stanna? Aldrig! Jag som är en kämpe? ”Bit ihop läpparna och--- Håll kåften!” tänkte jag.

Jodå! Jag hade börjat komma in den nya rollen som jag ska jobba i förtsättningen. Lite rörigt men kul att hantera lite problem hit och ditt. Utmannande! Men frågan om jag klarar och orkar. Efter omorganiseringen så blir det lite kaos och jobbet blev lite enformigt. Hoppas man kan förändra våra processer under resans gång. Håll tummarna, gott folk!

Idag är ju fredag och denna dag är min fräckis dag. Jo, igår var flaggans dag i mitt hemland Filippinerna, då kom jag på att hylla dem länderna som alltid kommer och hälsar hos min bloggsida.

Ni är så goa, ALLIHOPPA--- TACK FÖR ALLA FINA OCH GOTT ORD. Man blir ju pigg och glad. Drivkraften, motivation och engagemang blev starkare och starkare.

Just right, good folk! This week really goes fast, isn’t it? Yeah, as long you have fun, of course. Well, in my case, I don’t really have that funny week, with my situation. But, I make the best of it, though. Life must go on. I am a survivor, so no matter what come across my way, whether hard or not, I shall fight back and could stand still as ever. “Hallelujah! “ (I heard from the background--- daughter teasing)

Yeah! It is a bit chaos at work after the reorganization. I had chosen another task this time and it’s a big difference which I had before. I just hope I handle & tackle my tasks and hopefully everything will be fine in our journey. This is not just me shouting for these woes but, EVERYBODY! We’ll just hope for the best for everybody.

OMG!!! Another Friday? Ahhh--- another week-end? Isn’t that nice feelings? Just don’t think of anything. Just loving the short & happy life…

So, here’s my shots for my FREAKY FINDS this week. Dedication to all my visitors who always come to peek me in. THANKS for all the nice and very supporting words. They’re so much appreciated and of course, I can’t be happy as I can be.

ENJOY EVERYONE… Cheers for this FUN DAY--- give a lil smile and this can make a whole difference in everyone’s self.

My plans this week-end is that: stay longer in bed, then pull my new washed cotton-down (blanket), breakfast in the open veranda with a new bake wheat bread, that I ferment the dough tonight, call a long distance call in the Philippines & great my dear mum & sister’s a “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” European MD. Chilling out in my garden and of course, prepare the BBQ for dinner we’re some of my love cousin’s & families are coming to visit the sickie one “that’s MOI”.

This is am living for: A BLESSED LIFE

One more time, I say: “ Am just loving my short, simple & happy life. Look around and keep loving!

Inspiring from "Melissa" and the other ladies in the world of bloglandia


Let me dream & let my dreams flows...

Onsdag! Yey! mitt i veckan och snart helg igen... Gud! idag är min 3:e dag på jobbet, eller inte än. Jag jobbar ju 50% denna vecka. Inatt, fick en magkramp, waaahhh... ett problem när tarmen inte är igång än. Magpumpade imorse och det känns bättre. Jag åker på jobbet och försöker jobba tills kl.16.00 IAF.

Så, just nu...sitter och äter frukost eller vad den heter, brunch kanske? Och... som vanlig "Drömmer". Vad annars jag gör?

Arrgghh...my portable notebook---
EZ to carry around & post blogs wherever I feel too---
Photos: Vivienne Tam
WowoWie!!! La Chicka have it ALL... I can die for these 2 wheels
A kinda important for me--
Dóh! I can't even drive a BIKE!!! Dummy me, dreaming---

My 3rd day at work today and am working half time ´till next week. So far so good, although lots to re-learn. Remember? today is Wednesday and it's mid-week! Hurray! soon, OMG! it's week-end. Time flies so fast.

I had an unbearable stomach cramp at dawn. Well, docs said that, it's normal after ops when intestine aren't yet working. Pumped-out at 9.30am and it feels soooo GOOD! but, HEY! it's aching... sometimes can't understand why this pain won't relief.

Anyways, sitting here taking a cup of coffee & scones for breakfast or BRUNCH, maybe? And just dreaming again. Then, when my tummy feels better, soon to work until 4pm.

JOIN ME WITH MY DREAMY DAY...who knows, at the end of that tunnel, those dreams might come TRUE. So, keep dreaming------------

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