Snowstorm on my SS#6

Snöstorm hela helgen, tjoohoo!!!

Absolut fint väder -14 minus grader och oväder. Jag håller inne iaf och fortfarande kryar. Näsan bara rinner och huvét dunkar. Nåväl... jag njuter varje minut i det varma huset med brasan tänds och en kopp kaffe i handen. Vad ska man begära mer? Jag är nöjd, ändå eftersom jag har inte gjort ngt utan bara ta det lugnt hela dagen. LATAR MIG HELT ENKELT.

Scene when I came down in the lounge...
I was really happy when I saw my corner lamp
Then, a reflection in my stove slab from the letters
Perfect for my kitchen
In the other end, you can see my cloche & my chinese tea jar
The cute flowery bowl set with the jar give me a wink

Other half of my cloche share her graceful shadow
Sorry folk! Am starving & need my breakfast...
LOOK! see it? well, the best I could share
Indeed! It is a signal #2 due to a snowstorm coming the whole week-end. It's -14 deg below, whirlwind outside and bet me if I lie. Snow is up to my thigh *well am Ms. Shorty so no wonder. But hey, snow is up to my neck soon if it won't stop snowing the whole night. Weather prognosis: that Monday will be up to -21 deg below, so no spring yet what I can see in my sight.

Anyways, I am having a problem chasing today's shadows so, I desperatedly run around IN my poorman's house chasing for perfect one. Luckily, found som subtle & non-subtile, so just enjoy my contribution this week-end good peps? I better shot more photos for my portfolio, in case in time like this I won't find nice shots for my meme...

Excuse me if I get you more in my private life §;-) Anyways, I don't have anything to hide. Apart my tupsy turvy abode. Just bare with me this week-end.

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A happy w/end to All, stay warm or stay cool...
Blessed me

Tablescaping #5 & Inspirations? Are they still there?

Ja ja... nu låter man som en åsna...

Varför ska man gnälla och krångla till med vädret? Just det! Det blir jobbigare och jobbigare. Vad och var man än gör så pratar alla om vädret. Själv är jag också less på det men vad kan jag göra då? Stället för att gnälla, ägnade mig åt ngt att byta mina gardiner idag inför våren.

Idag, mår jag bättre med min förkylning och magkrångel men huvét och halsen känns fortfarande tungt och ont. Men jag överlever. Jag kan inte tycka synd om mig själv hur länge som helst. Man måste få röra på sig lite för att motivera kroppen, så tänker jag.

Inspirationer, dvalar? känns det så. Jag har verkligen mycket i tankarna men jag är så lat att jag inte ens kan öppna min lilla laptop eller den stationära datorn. Jag låg bara och stirrade på taket och drömde bort långt borta. Känns underbart och där inspirationer bara öser. Nu låter jag konstig, igen §;-)

IAF... lite uppdatering med dagen hos mig

On the way to the chemist to pick up my anti-biotics.
This is my backyard with snow up to my knees, cool huh?
I then check of course if something came in this box...
Surely, the sky high bills
When I came home fix the dining table
Ready for dinner? Tablecloth is from Malta

With its table napkin set. Here with pearl napkin ring
Silver ware is Carlströms

My centerpiece are my Capo di Monte fairies
I have 6 of them purchased in Neaples, Italy

I use a clay flower pot full of deco sand & a candle
Dried roses & ribbon tied the pot to looks more appealing

Ha ha... this is our dinner lobster & sweet water crayfish
With red caviar sause in a simple Sia glas and Vilroy & Bosh plate
Crystal bowl w/ orchids & lime to wash the fingers after the seafood...
As well as the wine/water glasses
I baked a cheese cake of my own recipe cover w/ passion fruit for dessert
Cake cutter is also from Calströms
whilst the chinawares from local store


Hope everybody are well inspite of our jojo weather. It's still snowing and more snowstorm coming tomorrow till week-end. That's the weather forecast. I am a bit fed up of the weather but I can't do anything with the nature. I am just playing and hanging along with Mother Nature.

Anyways, I was not feeling so well, these past few days and after awhile, I can't just stay in bed and feel so restless. I feel much better today and I did some household chores to motivate me and my sore body. I guess I fullfill somethings to share with you who's playing with Susan at "Between Nap on the Porch".
Head over to her and all the players today...
Thank You for joining me!

Simple Valentine's Day on my SSS #5 & the VD winner...

Wahh... snöar igen!

Jösses... det snöar och det blåser igen! Känns det kalla vinter trivs och stannar lite till hos oss. Jag är inte direkt vintermänniska men när jag ser omkring mig, blir jag faktisk glad med den glittriga omgivningen som fångar mig i famnen. Tycker Ni inte så? Ta på bara dem riktiga vinterkläder och allting går bra ändå om man fryser.

Jag var hemma igår/fredag eftersom magen krånglar. Väl, hela familjen fick det vinter magsjuka men tack och lov att den är inte värre som alla vi känner som fick den. Vi tar det lugnt hemma idag och gick inte ens ut för att jaga dem skuggorna som jag brukar göra. Men men... fick lite grann runt omkring hemma.


GH went down first this a.m. and lit vanilla essence candle
to met me in a bright Saturday drizzling morning...

This bouquet of roses is so pretty... GH is lovely hubby, indeed
2 heart candle holders were lit on our mantle when I got down.
I love the pearls and the reflection of the silver fot of the holders

Can you see it? A royalty lantern §;-) looks crown around it

To those who love chocos, be my GUESTS...& to those who love eco sweets just grab at the right heart bowl. The greeny thing is caramell pomelo rind (peel), not sure in english word, yellow is caramell ginger, good for cough & colds & the orange one is caramell papaya. Well, this might not the one we're interested for, I know... i know... but if you really want to see? It's just there, under the glass bowl cover showing it's subtility.
And of course, lastly, just letting you good peps that this is the place where I do & create my posts every Satuday. Much LOVE while making them and what interested me is the reflection on my DIY table which I wanted to share to all of you my dear bloggie friends.

Thank you ALL for always coming to my simple and humble home. Hope eveyone is enjoying although I don't really have nothing special to share with you. But am proud being a clean and pure blogger in heart. Million thanks once again. Hope you won't get bored coming by.

Hey! b4 you proceed of your travel, pls don't 4get to head over at:

Tracy, thanks once again...
Am enjoying your game every week-end.
Hope you keep up till we get 100 yrs old §;-)

Yeah right! Am still very lazy. Drizzling, windy and chilly? Whott? well, yes! Anyways... it seems Mrs. Winter still want to stay with us for awhile. Looks she's enjoying to see us enjoy or whining in her winterland. Am not really a winter enthusiast, however, I really love and appreciate the crystal glitter like surroundings we have nowadays. Makes me glad somehow. So beautiful & very dramatic. Just put on the right winter gears and everything will be alright. Don't ya think, Ladies & gentlemen?

As you can see my post today, it's not outdoor as you usually see. Today, am not really in the mood to chase what I wanted every week-end. I was at home yesterday from work, due to tummy probs. D´Nics aren't feeling the best. So, we decided to stay in bed then GH got up earlier make coffe and waited for me to get down, so we can chase some shadows around at home.

Shadow---shadow your there too?
who's the luckiest of them all?
Who is ready for spring?
Enjoy gardening in spring to come!

Always take care your hearts...

Great Hubby in Action on my SSS#5 with Valentine's Give Away

Hallå folk i det kalla vädret!

Hoppas alla mår prima denna helg. Vädret känns hyfsat ok. En -2 gradig är väl inte farligt och det känns att det är ett töväder denna helg. Var försiktiga mina vänner.Verkligen försiktig när man är ute pga halkrisk.

Summering av min vecka? En hyfsad lugn vecka, förutom fredags (igår) så var det lite kaos på just mina arbetsuppgifter. Men så klart jag överlevde med många stön och suckande.

Nu är det helg och jag ska göra är bara slappa- känns sömnig igen. IAF hade gjort som det ska här hemma och så är det bara slappa och dax för mig med mina meme:sar...


Here, he go? painting the first coating on panels
On the way to the cellar...

He said, he looks a pro! Is he? what ya think, mates?
A picky pro, indeed or NOT!
He's been mumbling ´bout wallpaper, stuck on the wall
Seem everything's in place again, ain't it?
Lastly, a perfect shadow that he gave for me to enjoy!
Thanks dearie for always been there for me for better or for worst.
GH is busy and me? well, preparing for tonight's dinner
Quiche Lorraine... see what we're looking for?
Blessed be...


Indeed, week 5 has come to an end and another will come and am expecting for the better. Hope everybody's in the best of everything whether you're in a summer or in a winterland.

Today, is my lazy day §;-) just giving my orders who come across my path. So better keep away from me peps *wink

Kidding aside, summing up week? Well, not really bad, so to speak. I had a day off and it seems the financial world is a quite. Hmmm.... I am a lil bit worried? Are they planning to have another crisis or planning to raise the interest and so on? Ahhh...que sera sera... I just want to enjoy the day to day basis. Why worry? Do you think?

St. Valentine's Day is on Sunday next week, therefore I prepare a give-away to all
who visits here. Whoever can win my heart garden stuffs, just leave me a comment and your in. Join in until Feb. 13th and the final call of the winner is on the 14th.
This is just for fun. Nothing else as I don't sale nor advertise whatsoever.
Hurray! my give-away knows me well, guess. U see that shadow? TY dearie!

Anyways, don't forget to drop by at:

Follow Me in ASIA Tablescaping #4

HURRAY!!! I survive on TS DAY...

Imagine? I thought I couldn't cope up and hang on to my fellow players of Susan's TS meme. Am glad for my sake to play along.

Wednesday! A lil tired though it's my off day today. Preparing for my doctor's visit, a follow up after a very complicated surgeon awhile ago. Keep your fingers cross ladies for my safe.

Gosh! our weather is not funny with more snowstorm and so windy. I thought it will be better today as I saw the sunlight when I got up early this morning.

Anyways, I want to share a simple settings in my way. Nothing much hush-husch... Just having fun playing my asian stuffs.

Ohhh! my preparation here. A chinese carpet direct from China
Whilst my coffee table "Shiva" was purchase at MIO
Embroidered lace tablecloth hang at the edge of the coffee table
These are my fav colours and feels me spring-y mood.
Silver dessert fork and the tenn leaf decor layin under is iscence holder
Just playing my setting whether it fits and so did it...
Dried fruit and vegies in my crystal bowl with stand as my centerpiece for funsake
This candle holder is a gift from a colleague. I put a crystal glass on it & beads to look dramtic
A perfect candle holder indeed...
The square wooden plates are stunning with it's palm leaves carving
So simple yet so elegant

Am drooling and can't wait to open the yummy cookies...
With a simple coffee cup that fits perfectly to my plates...
To enjoy the coffee session on a snowy & windy day...
I serve some special choco cookies fresh from Singapore the ever "FAMOUS AMOS".

Thanks so much Susan for this meme that your players are enjoying the game every week. I am enjoying so much and it makes me so motivated.

Thank You for more blessings shower unto our tables...

What's Up?

Yeah! still going up here @DaBox... Days goes so quickly. It's June now, but our Mother Nature is not in the mood sharing her like...