My busy Saturday with Dinner & Earth Hour on my SS#10

Bättre sent än aldrig!

Just det... det sant. När jag har kul så glömmer jag mina memesar i blogsfären. Lika kul att härja ut i verkligheten som jag är ute i cyber rymden. Jag var ute för en gångskull i stan och det är mycket folk som tokhandlar. Grrr...jag blev stressad att se dessa människor som stressar sig, knuffar för att vara först i kö och drog kläderna för att ha den rätta storleken. Men men... så är det, löningshelg var den.

Just right! Better late than never with my LONG post...

B4 I left home I spotted these collection in my kitchen & said, "A.M. LOTH"
Ha! LADY OF THE HOUSE? hurray... thanks kiddos---
Ah! sunshine on my lounge, See you soon, then I rushed out?
Here's my sunny morning rushing to the nearest trainstation
Whoo--waah! who's that girl? See her? She's getting taller, eh? I wish!
To my international readers, just to inform you, that world's largest
Metro art and architecture exhibits is in Stockholm? Yes, every station has it's arts
This station shows, how the world trade (världenshandeln) started


I love the Kingsgarden station, it got a frenchy theme, with arts & theatre

London have Harrod's, Stockholm have NK... cost fortune but you get what you wanted here...

I had a very funny week-end that I forget to post my participation on Tracy's meme in time. "What's new?" GH mumbles. Yeah! I am always late but "I have fun!" I shouted it back §;-) I have a great time being out in reality as I am out in blogsphere. Don't you? I was out in town, videlicet--- for one time sake on week-end. *Pulling my hair* too much people in town, mind you? I forgot, it's payday last Friday!!! No wonder, good peps? ARRGGHH--- I feel so stressed seeing them rushing, pushing who will be in the first queue and hey! grabbing stuffs on Spring sale. Ha ha... shall I join? Nope! I don't have time coz ladies are coming at my place for dinner and wait for world's manifestation, "EARTH HOUR". So, join my fun time chasing shadows.
My day after my trip!

Busy as I can bee §;-) indeed, ladies are coming soon for dinner and we're going to joined the Earth Hour, so, tablescaping and food preparing...

Keep your glass the whole night? U have ur own jewel, can U see what ur looking for?
Subtle? Don't you care?
Reflexes yummy stuffs...
Seems, my ladies are hungry. Didn't mind my reflection...

Where's the food, girls?
The glittery fireplace with my wonderful tulips
Decor on mantel join the fun too...
Lastly, dining table with sparkling candle makes a cozy ambiance

Pls drop by at Tracy, to see her players

Blessed me*

Words... Flowers, Tea & Honey

Just det! några ord från mig---

Några rader från Älvsjö. Jag var tyst igen--- inte pga av ngt hände utan--- Livet leker på jobbet och så blir man så taggad och man blir verkligen förverkliga det som sades. Nu gäller det! Den är verkligen min sak. Nåväl, jag vill bara säga till alla NI som alltid tittar in, oavsett vad jag gör TUSEN TACK så hjärtligt. Snart vänder det goda livet, igen och då ser Ni mig ofta i cyberrymden.

Flowers, Tea & Honey
White tulips is one of my fav...purchased at NK Flowershop
Easter lilies are in place at home, giving me the Easter spirit
My Easter decor on my mantle... am goes pinkish! Isn't it adorable
"Fortum & Mason" is my fav tea store in London, near Harrod's, my heaven
for an afternoon tea...
And what is tea w/out Swedih honey? For a perfect match...

YES!!! am still so much ALIVE---

Indeed! I am just a lil busy (as always) as my family & friends said. But, hey, my life is blooming again. Work is so much fun although tough, shit (kidding). Self-appraisal for salary raise, duties and more promotion? Can't be better?

Anyhow, I am thanking all of YOU outhere who always coming back, whether I have or don't have anything to share. MILLION THANKS, guys? I do really appreciate your visit. You might observe I am visiting you too but just for a quick visit and ain't have time to leaved my footprints. Now, I have a good back up at work, I really hope I lessen some of my tasks and I take those complicated ones. My goal---That's what I call, "Specialist", or? So bear with me, good friends!

Have a cozy soon w/end and see U all ---soonest...
---God Bless Us---

Tablescaping on SNOW on my SS #9 Day...

Isn't that funny that I started so early this time? Well, as you all know, US & Europe have 9hrs different. So, that's the reason I am always late at Susan's game every Thursday.

Then at "Hey Harriet" on Shadow Shot Sunday (Saturday in EU)? These 2 ladies made me addicted on memes- Well, sort of! I do love tablescaping since my younger age. I have a Bachelor degree of Hotell & Restaurant & Tourism Management. Both in the Philippines & Sweden. So, no wonder, huh?

While chasing shadows? I came across Tracy since I started bloggin almost 2 yrs ago. Since then, I am fascinated every shadows I encountered. Wherever I am, whether it's dark or sunny, I still chasing & enjoying every minute.

So, here's my shots to both fav meme's in my blogging world & hope you 'll enjoy the simplicity...

Be my guest, good pepz? This way, pls?
Opps! have sit here? Dare to? kidding...
I have this book awhile ago but I didn't mind to browse through it, till I re-arrange my reading bookshelve last week-end. I found out there's so much interesting Asian designs and I really found in me there. It happened I showed this last week-end while having my breakfast outside.
Candle glas is from Iittala, a famous Finnish company that I loveWhile my silk runner is from American Store in Stockholm.
The lace cloth was purchased at IKEA and my rooster was from Italy
Yeah, an hand painted & I love this pitcher. Have story behind it.
Cotton napkin was well sprayed of starch & ironed so well. That's me!
I want to share the goulash soup a´la Richie outside, this beautiful day, And check it out! my soup bowl is a lionessa (LEO my zodiac sign) from Åhlen´s
I do love my soup spoon which I purchased at Duka for 2 decades ago
I always adore oblong plates . Here I use as charger. Useful when you have bread and other food fittings...
Yes, I just said, fttings or accessories! I use a whisky crystal glass, as drinking glass today. Iisn't it adorable when sun shone on it & gave me some sparkles? Pretty!
Well, what is tablescaping w/out centerpiece, huh? I decided to use my figurine I purchased in Lithuania. The tall vase is from Kosta Boda w/ faux flowers & my pearls.
To make more dramatic touché, I added my serenading figurine I purchased at Harrod's in London, way back.
As I have lust playing today, I thought I have to play more than I need. I added this rosary which I purchased in St John's Co-Cathedral, Malta last year when we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. This rosary is dedicated to honour the 5th death anniversary of my dear daddy today 17th March.
A glimpse of it all...

Don't forget to press the logo to visit Tracy & Susan & her players
And a wonderful SHADOW CHASING...
Sorry for not visiting you all last week-end. So busy with the wedding thing.
Thanks GOD it's over...
Blessed me

Am I Rambling on my SS#8? & PACQUIAO WON AGAIN!

Sant! mumlar är ordet!

Hurra!!! solen skiner, snön töar och ett litet glimt på gräset under min bänk i snön. Vårkänslan är så härlig. Hoppas den stannar ett tag till, tills det blir verkligen dax och en riktig vår. Jag vill bara njuta denna efterlängtad sol.

Hoppas att alla mår bra utav vår kort solsken som duger just nu, eller? Gå ut och ha en rolig och trevlig helg mina vänner där ute. Liv i nuet för tillfälligt och som sagt, den kostar ingenting. Själv, jag ska börja förberedda mig inför bröllopfest ikväll. Hoppas det blir en stor galej!


Warning: am hyper-ventilating & excited, snow thaw soon. LONG post!
U can really see that we a nice sunshine today. No lights on here but I cath U!
Isn't that funny? I suppose to have the bird's nest on the tree? But what did I cathed?
We passed by the train station and this catches our hunting eyes...
On the way back home
This is what U see on our staircase today, CHILL...Fur is from Melbourne
My brekky! a cuppa & a shot, thanks?
Winter gears resting on stairstep...
While I am enjoying the sun, coffe & my Asian Lifestyle book
I went at my backyard & I saw Snowman & his son bidding g-bye, soon!
See? perfect! yesterday this stuffs was under the heavy snow...
"Caution-slippery surface" is on the way OUT of my sight, ASAP
And, am taking my hat's off & say, roger & out!

b4 u leave me, pls head over to our meme mother:
blessed me 4 always...

Feeling good, good pepz? It was a delightful morning when GH wake me up and whisper "waky-waky, Sunshine"? Hmmm... "he call me Sunshine"? §;-) YAY!!! he didn't meant I am? He just warned me to get up ASAP coz sun, shine gloriously outside.

I jumped up and prepare our breakfast coz GH was already out digging the snow on our open veranda's roof. Ahh! what an adorable GH. He was worried when the snow thaw from the main rooftop fall on us.

Anyhow, I rushed out and we went around the vicinity (again) to chase some shadows although I could catch them around here. It is a kind of habbit that Saturday mornings is our power walk morning. 2 catch in a bait! Is this the right saying, dear English speaking friends? Sorry for my grammar. Living in Sweden, lessen my English vocabulary but thanks God, not my comprehension. Or else, I am a dead cow, pressumably.

I have to rush now to get ready for the wedding party! Tjiiinnggg...
Have a happy Week-end!
Yeah, although it's not my fav sport but as his countrymen & neighbour
I salute Manny. Thanks for sharing your talent so our country be well-known
to many countries around the world. Keep up the good work.

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