A dreary day ---Tea for 2 on My TS # 36, 2010

Hurray! Another day come to an END!

Oh yeah... you heard it right, ladies? Hope everybody have/had a wonderful mid-week... in my part, it was a bit of a hectic week. New dealing system, new staffs & etc- etc... Anyhow, I tackled the problems that came across & continue my journey hugging it in a positive way. Feels a lot better rather than complaining.

I just make my days lightening UP with my activities, dancing Zumba, Power Yoga, Driving lessons, Step Up & jogging... in this way, I gain more a healthy body & wellness of being ME. About you, Sweeties? What is your secret of lightening UP your days?

Chocking! An early snowfall! In my open porch...
Hmmm.... duno---what am I thinking of? But, it must be cozy!
From this?
To this? A modified cloché for my goodies...
And now, silverware parade is on the GO!
Swedish silver tray & my Conran bowl...
Conran silver mug (set of 4) & silver rose bowl for goodies
I added this vintage sugar bowl (gold plated inside)
Another silver tray with roses on it!
This time more roses to come...
Set of 6, silver rose charger... ´lovin them
Silver rose cake plates matches perfectly (pix isn't good)
Turqouise for MOTH (man of the house)
And pink for the LOTH (lady of the house) §;-)
MOTH special beer glass made & carve his name on his 40th BDay
I choose my classy Orrefors crystal drinking glass
Conran teaspoon & a vintage cake fork join the fun...
Oh! think everything's are in places, right? Aren't you freezin?
I now lit my fav oriental zink candle holder...
I have problem decorating my lil mantle, guess this is OK
Tea kettle is ready now! Be my guest, my ladies?
Can you feel that it's warm in here now?
Pls enjoy the coziness of what I have

Thank you for dropping by & joining us on our cozy day. The only thing I can offer you all is my openness of my simplicity & hospitability, that what I call "my own" charm.

But don't 4get to head over to Susan, OK?
Life is too short to spill it! ENJOY TO THE FULL...

Projects [check-done] on my SSS#35 of 2010

Updating our projects around home...

Yeah! mostly done. We do home projects one at a time, as GH whined when I tried to start one project to another. He reckoned that my thoughts is faster than light and his handy knowledge isn't that quickie. So, another compromiises... but that's cool.

No sunny day over D´Nics, unfortunately, therefore I will show some of our projects, done or NOT... Shadow or no shadow, here I come.
Trying to fix my flowers b4 the chilly weather comes
The lounge redo... then & now, yet not completed...
Just showing some bits & pieces of my simple treasures
Welcome at D´Nics, good Friends?
K! Let's go OUT to check GH, what's he's doing?
Almost done!!! Hurray... didn't even know he started
Perfect shot! He ain't keen am stolen some shots...
Opps! is he really done? Ok, he said run out of stones...
P.S. he's done this path 2 days later, TY GH, U done a good job.

Well, that are some of the projects done. I will update more next ish, so, keep on looking? Anyways, if you want to see more shadows parade of mine, pls scroll down from the last weeks post. I missed to link at Mr. Linky, therefore, YOU missed me & I missed YOU All...

Don't 4get to head over to "TRACY" to see her player's


A golden TS #34

A very hectic weeks had passed both home & work... but I really tried to hurry & see to it that my tasks are done so I can join Susan's meme every Thursday...

I will be late now but fortunately, I have an flexible time at work. That's also one of my dilemma, our time difference. Anyhow, I did catch up today.

Here's my participation on today's TS...
A simple golden table settings at D´Nics...
TThese are my vintage bible from 1917 & 2 books from 1872Preparing my centerpiece
Wood chargers will fit my simple things (as I plan) hopefully... Square plates are from IKEAWith simple bowls, which I intended to use for cafe latté..Teaspoons were purchased in Latvia during a cruise visitBarong napkins from Phils. were a wedding gifts from 1989Milk jug & sugar mug with a touch of tassles, love ém
Modified Crystal cloché
Silver thong is ready for my homemade "Ensamada" pie
Black shot glass to those who wanted a warmer drink §;-)
Tablecloth is very rare... silk with golden thread
So bright this morning...
Then visit BNOP to see the worldwide participants. Happy TS to all

A busy DAY SS#34 over D´Nics

It's not really funny!

Absolutely not funny, when cold autumn days & nights come. Oh ya... am late again, right? but here I am struggling our home projects b4 winter/snow comes.

Anyways, my Saturday was full of projects done!!!
´was an early morning to prepare b4 our handyman to come
Seen this in our TV room...
Spotted in the other side of the lounge...
Hope you won't get bored with my shots around.

On the way to Spa area, my cuties wanna join in my buzy---ness...
C´mon! let's peep the handyman & GH carrying the "thing"
HA! what you call this one? It's translated as: "air-water heat pump"
HELP! my entrance way is TUPSY-TURVY, arrgghh...
More projects to be done, soonest...HA! gravel & sand was gone...
That "thing" inside is connected in this "thing", to lessen our electricity consumption
Our house, chimney & TV dish are stuck at our neighbour's house
Cyrstal candle holder, WELCOME YOU ALL... @ D´Nics

Hope everyone had/have another enjoyable week-end. Another week is waiting for another challenge & another surprises that we need to tackle this upcoming week.

But b4 you leave me, don't ever forget to peek at Tracy, OK?
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What's Up?

Yeah! still going up here @DaBox... Days goes so quickly. It's June now, but our Mother Nature is not in the mood sharing her like...