BNOP join her TS to TEA for 2 on TableTop Tuesday


Marty's Day today on her TableTop Tuesday...
Don't 4get to head over to Marty to see genius Ladies playing...

Days are so quick, right? when everybody had an enjoyable days, months & years. I wasn't so healthy after New Year but, hey! am alive... am here to stay & play §;-)

This week contribution wasn't as FAB as I think, anyhow, I have some shots to share:
Today, I will share a tea for 2 with vintage treasures from MIL
My new throw pillows after the lounge redo, they're roses too
2 largest cherubs (Capo di Monte), love them...
I moved them on the side-table in the lounge
Starting to gather things for the tablesettings this day
I grab the vintage crocheted tablecloth & laid on the coffe table
Then, putting them on their places, gorgeous teapot
Milk pottle & sugar bowl, same set
Charger from Vilroy & Bosch, dessert plate & teacup
I showed this gold plated flatwares b4 from Abu Dhabi & think it fits
I don't know am thinking (again), looks naked...
I added my wood carved candle holders, do you think this is good enough?
Oh yeah! I forget the napkin with it's butterfly napkin ring (mine)
Purple one is for GH (great hubby)
My guardian angel, "The Wander" & it's really ME
While GH always told me to "Keep Quite, be Alert" §;-)
Hmmm, here it is! can you see the difference?
Rose petals scattered & change one of the candle to pink for more romance
Another angle of the lounge...
I love the richness of white ambiance at home w/ my fur plaid
Great sunny afternoon, lights stroke inside...
I love candles specially with gorgeous holders.
I always stare at the flare...
My thoughts playing! simple but have a classy & elegant touch.
They give me the strength to pursue my life coz
they give me the light and the right direction of my LOVE & my LIFE...

Hope you have a great week-end, lovelies and facing a wonderful week ahead.
Always visit at BNOP to see all the lovely ladies, playing...

TS is ready for the Heart's Day

I wasn't punctual to play with Susan's TS...

Yes, a bit lost in my participating of the fun due for so many reasons. As I stated in my last post. Anyhow, everything isn't the best but above all, I feel better and my lungs feels healthier everyday. This is what the most important thing, above all.

Luckily, I had my pix in my archives in case, I have some spare to play with you, gorgeous ladies? A bit late but I still cope up to join Susan's 127th TS...

Here's my simple shots!!!
A heart wreath, kinda unusual but loving it!
Heart plates are purchased at NK (Sweden's Harrod's)
Tablerunner purchased at Indiska (Made in India) & it's cotton
Heart bowls are perfect for the Filipino soup this time of the year...
A lil more dash of red crystal sallad bowl
German crystal heart shape candy bowls, nice for this occassion
This is the centerpiece, guardian angels watching the guests §;-)
My dragonfly napkin rings are for gent guests...
Flatwares is 32 yrs old Swedish Silver
Here are for the ladies, birdie napkin rings... "Kiss Me"
Adding more crystals to make more romantic
More angles...
Sallad bowl was use as a bread bowl during breakfast...
I love modifying & it always work for me...
Soup bowl was use for GH (great hubby) dish
Orange glazed ribs with a dash of fresh sallad
While LOTH (lady of the house) & lil daughter is "Sinigang"
A filipino soup, dashed with tamarind powder to make it sour but
heavenly palatable §:-)
This is what we called "Suman" a glutonous rice with cocos milk
Then simmered to cook... Yummm...
Am generous this Heart Day, so whoever sit on our table will get
of course a give away. Just too bad that my fave shop color is B&W
Nordiska Companiet (NK) popular to our American tourist.

That's all I have to share for you today, gorgeous ones! A very simple and unexpensive treasures lay on my Valentine's Days table.

Hope you have an enjoyable TS around the globe & thank you for sharing your inspirations that really inspire me so much.

Don't forget to head-over at Susan's TS... at BNOP,

Back On Track---hope for good!

I've been very slow on posting lately due to be fighting a very bad cold, that ended up to a severe bronchitis, this was the reason of my long days of silence. Everyone in this house seem not to getting completely over it but some of my inspiration on what or what to post is always there. And I can't help to get inspired by all of you my dear bloggie friends.

Hope you all well after all the very hectic time during the holidays. I really have to visit you all and catch up on YOU and of course, those long weeks not seeing your blogs was a lose. I really am not feeling well those past weeks. Hopefully, cough stops & I can breath easier. Winter sickness...SUCKS!

This was the last time I was out, Jan. 7, looking for a bday present
Sta. Claus was so tired, huh? As well, as me!
What time is it? Wee hour? My sleepless night (coughing)
When I peeped at the window, bambi mum & her kids loittered around!
This was some mobile uploads during Disney On Ice (Stockholm)
On the way for a dinner at my cousin's house, the day b4 I get sick...
It's 4.30pm good folks?
GH carrying our desserts, choco cake and raspberry cheese cake
My jogging track during summer §;-(
On our way home, 02.00 a lil brighter than 4.30pm
My healthy sesam bread, see the shadow?
While my dragonfly napkin ring give us wink & join!
Reminds Valentine's Day? My rice cake in my heart §;-)

Oh yes! I am back and as you can see... this post is like a pottpurri, right? A mix of all things, but I can't help being not bubbly? It's not like me, am I?

Hope you bear with me again, not being prepare of what I intend to post, today/night. I will get better and take more photos, now that days get brighter. Keeping my fingers X that the weather will stay calm.

As always... pls drop by at Tracy to see her player's.

Thank You Tracy for hosting & hope everything's OK around you after all the probs.
God Bless...

I am re-building my site... but I don't know what to start, when I started, everythings, EFF... soweee...

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