Attemp or NOT on my TTT

 I absolutely MISSED the 100th Party!

First of all, I am not liking my new facelift (Blogger's). You see and You know what I mean? Hmmm... it's a kind of,  aaahhh..."whatever". No complains this time coz I am really running out of time.

I thought, when our kids move-out, we have all the time in the world, ??? Do we? Do I? Or am I just in the phase of adjusting? I keep myself busy that I don't even have time to my old routines. Anyways, hope my life will settle when Lil Missy (daughter) settle her habitat, soon... So soon and I am so excited.

(I AM HAVING COLDS), ha ha ha...Well, enough of my sighs and woes  I don't like having it when we are having  a long week-end  soon.

BTW, here's some bits & pieces b4 I forget to join §;-)
Starting in my counter. Cookbooks & hurricane with my cereal
Those you know me, knows I love fresh flowers and roses is a fave
I love cut glasses/crystals and I love this set, chargers and dinnerwares
A vintage cut crystals,  using them as a dessert plates
Sallad plates are so cute, too?
I toke a photo on the wood counter so, you can see the cuts & the motives

Laying on my Maltese cotton tablecloth. It fits with the embroiderd motives
My centerpiece, floating candles 

Ready for Snapas? Or
Just Cafe Machiatto or Capuccino?
Giving you a glimpse of what I overcame, SIMPLY calm...


Stockholm, is pretty cold right now and will be more colder mid-week to week-end. Take an extra care precious ladies in Bloggersphere. God Bless & BE WELL.
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Mixing Up My Week-End


Problems left all alone after I been so busy with a hectic week at work and my activities. Week-ender by my own and it's such fun (I thought, second times around). Relaxes on an axis on the wheel of life (I thought 3rd times around §;-) TY my friends, you just keep me hanging on there.

Unfortunately, I am always tardy with my participation. So much at the moment at D`Box and of course, I have problem chasing what we are looking for. No sun, gray and dreary days makes my chasing so dull. Anyways, I got some shots around and about and hope this will do for the time being. Lucky it was sunny Sunday.
I really am craving for sunlight. Who isn't? Anyways... Enjoy!
Just when I came home from my dance work out...

This was the backyard this morning...
The first thing I do is open our blinds and this was the entrance roof
On the staircase going down, can you see them?

Sun shone so crispy this Sunday and I captured one of the best...
When I peeped out on our on-going project? See that?

Well, this are my shots and hope this will do for time being. As I said earlier, tardiness but still I am joining the fun for our SSS...

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My real SSS while sorting Out Lil Missy's Nest

Week-End For Recharging---

Well, for many of us, week-ends are for self-battery recharging... chillaxing, mingling with family and friends and for me? Do you think, I am doing that? Honestly? I am still stressing out myself. The reason why, I can't take it easy---is, we have a visitor from Singapore. A colleague, who want to adventure the winterland. 
Anyways, that's life sometimes. When one go? One comes! As for now, we are trying to entertain and keep our guest comfortable. It only happens one in a blue moon,  having colleague from afar and want to join our lives in a short time §;-)
Some bits & pieces on our adventure 
Yellow busses in Lund, where Lil Missy is nesting...
I am enjoying the relax area...
I saw the blinds in our  wall...
Breakfast time in a sunny and bright day...
Opppss--- I forgot to pick some of my Christmas ornaments...
LUCKY! they gave me a nice shadows to show...
The right corner... my pretty chair want to join the fun too...

Well, this is my first meme ever since I started blogging 2½ years ago. It was sad that Hey Harriet left her meme (the original and the discoverer of SSS) but 3 gorgeous and capable ladies (Rose, MMT & Gemma from Dowunder) whom I played b4 toke over the funtime and I am happy for that. I am still here joining and chasing every week-end. I am absolutely having fun with them and all the players.

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Settling At D´Box After the Storm

Hope Everyone Had a Great w/end...
And a blessed week ahead---

I was bragging my concern when lil daughter moved to study. "It is not funny", she reckoned, but she have to deal with her new life for a better and brighter future.

7 hours drive from the capital city of Sweden, isn't charming either! But, as I told her, life must go--- Everything will be fine after several weeks. It is absolutely hard to adjust with a new environment, new place, new friends and everything is "New". It is scary sometimes, but the only thing that can help to ease the uncertainty is to be open and see the positve things rather than pondering unnecessary thoughts.I keep my fingers X, wishing her all the best and pray for her success. ANYWAYS, here are some of our...

Thank You...
Stayed here to have a comfy moment with Lil Missy
Rector's Residence & Uni. Admin
 Had a happy face when dad found the places...
1 flat at the 5th floor will be her nest on the 1st of Feb.
I don't know where to start... still boxes around, but anyways...
I have this for the moment, I am modifying D´Box
 I am loving white & pink/puschia, early for Spring, eh?
Always have fresh flowers on my kitchen counter
Famous Amos inside the tin box from Singapore
On my windowpane at the kitchen sink

Well, this was the happenings I had with my dear family (without Big Kiddo, of course?) and some whatevah things I have at D´Box. We are enjoying the mild winter nowadays. Still in the + degrees- NOT bad for a mid-winter in Sweden. Some snowflakes and white ground is what we have. Hope our visitor from Singapore (a colleague) who is staying with us for 10 days, will enjoy the winter wonderland.Hope you are all enjoying your weather, despite all minus or plus degrees.
HAPPY TTT, beautiful Ladies in BloggoSphere!!!

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Super Important Message In an Update Project

Since Google is going to discontinue Google Friends Connect in March, I have added the NETWORKED BLOGS  Button to my sidebar.  I would so love to still have all of you as followers, so I hope you will click on the Networked Blog button to follow.  Thanks so much.  I will look for the networked blog button on your sidebar also so I can continue to follow you.  
**Pls press the Networked Blogs link and you directly come to the right page.

I found this information from my dear friend Marty at A Stroll Thru Life who is an update blogger. Thank you Marty for the great and helpful message to all our co-bloggers-

             Just a lil glimpse of the project we are doing this time... a bit slow but SURELY, indeed...

Well, As you can see flooring and isolations are well finished and of course our electrician done a good job connecting all the wirings and the lamps are ready with more than 1,200USD (only electrian cost) for 3 days poorer but we are much happier. Tomorrow, the ceiling will be isolated and the floor hearter will be deliver tomorrow. I am happy soon coz I am not living in a building site. *LoL

More issues in a couple of days again... soon, off we go to drive all the stuffs in the University.

------- See You all... HAPPY MID-WEEK... TAKE CARE EVERYBODY---

Chaos on my TTT

Isn't it charming?

Another Tuesday had come and absolutely exciting to be with Lady Marty's TTT every Tuesday. As usual, I am always in a hurry to hang on with you ladies, but I don't actually waste any time, coz I am emjoying my time sharing my life at D´Box with you all.

I just came from my dance class at one of the famous dance school in Stockholm. "Tony Irving Dance Academy". I been dancing since March last year and I found that dancing makes my life more easier.

In the other side of my life, I am stressing out, coz my daughter is moving out this coming Friday. She will be moving to Lund, a 7 hrs drive from Stockholm City, where Lund University is located. So, it isn't funny when our kids move out. I am proud in a way that she have the courage to do so, without friends or anyone with her. Well, her life just starting and I hope and pray that she will march on the aisle of success as she is really interested of Neuro & Cognitive Psychology. Hopefully, she will finish her Doctors Degree and be a successful Neuro Scientist. Isn't that scary or interesting?

Well, enough on my whining and dabbling my woes around... Now, I will share how it looks like on top of our table or kitchen top etc etc...

What do think, what's in it? Hmmm...
OMG! goodies! this are a BIG no no for me... Remember?
I got this recipe book from GH, when I got the tessel from Lady Marty
He thinks that this will be perfect for a luxurious housewife-
That means "If I were Your Housewife" dóh?
This is how it looks like on the left kitchen counter.
I modified quickly, a que sera sera thingy...
I always have 1 or 2 fresh flowers at the kitchen
On the other side of the counter... WARNING---
See? She have a style too, don't you think? She choose of course, nice stuffs
Usually this "lady area" looks like this, BUT, NOW?

While many of us stressing out packing up all Christmas ornaments and so? BUT, me myself? I am stressing packing things to move out. Our house looks like an evacuation center. However, I am loving it! It is seldom you see D´Box (my house) really tupsy turvy. This time, I don't really care how it looks like. Our lives isn't perfect, is it? I guess, we can be so upnosy and pretentious, just showing all the clean and perfect spots, just for the blog sake? Well, I actually don't live in a museum?

So, I am enjoying seeing Lil Missy, packing & unpacking the undecided things, then shopping her groceries and all those stuffs she needs, then ready to say goodbye to her lovely nest, that she also called D´Box. My heart aches, but this is her time to search for a brighter future. In all ways, as a mum, I am still by my kiddos side, for better or for worst. What do you think to parents who have kids who moved out? Do you feel how I feel?

***Excuse for the mess***

Hope you all have/had a great Tuesday or whenever...
Enjoy the rest of the week & hope to see you all again, SOON
Don't 4get to visit Marty & her gorgeous players.
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