SSS joins Swedish Mother Day, My Style on TTT...

Swedish MD is 2 weeks after the International MD...
I love celebrating MD twice, §;-) in a way. 

Anyway, we celebrated Swedish MD in our special  and simple way...
My day started with a healthy breakfast, at the porch lounge coz I don't like brekky in bed.
Many raised their eyebrows, when I said that (for real). But, I found eating on bed,
is not fresh. I would like to eat in a free mite ambiance. Ladies, don't get me wrong, ok?
This is just my way.
Our welcome drink and the cake sandwich, very popular §;-)
I wish all Swedish mums, Happy MD to all and of course, Happy MD 2nd time around...
Lil Missy made this wood doll for the LOTH (lady of the house) *LoL
We had a great weather yesterday and this spot will be the one!
I decided to set a frenchy style but in My Style...
I forgot I'd purchased this wicker charger awhile when visited Lil Missy
To have that frenchy and shabby look, I re-used my dear dinner plates and burlap tablecloth
Russian stemware use to used in Valentines day

I love the messy style here, do you?
That's my vintage wicker chair & that is my throne §;-)
One of the biggest cloché in D´Box
Can you see the apple flower petals on the table? It gave me a romantic touch, right?
Re-using this coffee set as I realized that "M is for Mother", isn't that charming?
And adding a birdcage with dried roses from International MD

MOTH told me to put my "mum dancing doll" a replica of the WonderWoman of D´Box
As I am dancing 5 times a week and that make me more stronger §;-)
Everything's in place now, and I am waiting for the kiddos to come...

How I wish, I could buy a ticket to you my gorgeous bloggie friends,
And invite you all in a simple Swedish way of life. Don't you think it's interesting?
Hope my "wishing fairy, hear my wishes, and grant me, what I wanted, to.
One BEAUTIFUL DAY and there is always next time.

HAPPY TTT to all...
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To All SSS players, pls join the TTT here. I am linking my post to SSS2 as Sweden was raining, non-stop since Thursday, so I don't have any way to take some good SS shots. Bare with me, SHADOWLANDIA (if you press Shadowlandia, you will pop in directly to Mother Meme's site)

Eurovision on My SSS day (night)

Absolutely busy, exterior (gardening) chores
Another w/end has come, another SSS party I join!
It was a great sunny Saturday... I was almost outside the whole day and I was a bit lazy. Funny enough that I didn't even had time with anything in terms of household chores. I let my time go by sowing, cleaning the garden furnitures and having a bit of suntan §;-) Loving It...

By the way, it is Swedish Mother's Day today, so, I had a lazy day. I am one blessed mum with nice and good kids. As a mother, I would give it all for the sake of my kiddos. Anyways, No drama here. I will just enjoy my day and I was already pampered by MOTH and he still pampering me, being lazy and let me chill out the week-end.

So, HANG with me on my sunny Mother's Day...
Sunny Saturday and I started in the living room... Love is In the Air...
As soon I stepped out from the cellar door, this was the scene that met me...
Isn't it amazing? It's so greeny  around! This is the start of my day, JOG & POWER WALK
Walking ahead,I found this interesting,  Does't it looks an "Ahh" face? 
Heading ahead, I found this interesting too...
Trees still struggling to get back their leaves, but I love I captured some...
Unfinished project is waiting for me, so I rushed home to start my gardening... BUT
Who's here? Hare? Suddenly, I saw this gigantus boxes? 
YaY! a new garden lounge, for Mother's Day present from D`Nics, TY a mill guys, Luv It...
I will be preparing some yummy snack tomorrow. Hope you could set and join.

Well, this my day, babbly as always but, honestly, that's a HAPPY me.! 

Well, CONGRATS Sweden for winning the Eurovision Song Contest, tonight live from Baku,Azerbaijan. It was worth watching. I usually don't appreciate the songs lately but this time, I almost love all the contributions.
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Spring Is In The Air on TTT...

 Yeah! Spring at last...

Sunshine change the mood. As I mentioned in my earlier post, when sun shine, the mood of everybody changes, right? From sour faces to a happy faces.  No heavy down jackets or snowboots. Easy life, that is! World is beautiful §;-)

But right now, I will be so happy to see the sun shining on us. It was forecasted that the Swedish weather this week will be up to 25degC. I can't wait till the week-end coz EU celebrates Mother's Day. It's interesting, in a way.

*Pls bear with me in my posts. I use to have a chronological order 
My way of posting, My Art... §;-)
I started my embroidered linen tablecloth from India
Old chargers that been hiding for awhile came out for a sunny day
Alice cakestand, actually this is a 3tiered one.
I use as a bling this time...

I love my mini-skillets... have 8 pcs...
Dupion Silk pillows (shown several times last summer)
I am craving for a sweet white wine..Wine cover from Crete, Greece
Spring peacocks sits in every glass for give away, isn't it charming?
I can't find a perfect centerpiece, so I grabbed my Lobella and stuck in a vase, looks pretty
Coffee or teacups and the avec glass are so pretty...See the table napkins? handmande-
I gathered what I have that looks Spring-y
As I said, mix-matching is my expertise...
 Now, grill entrecote for lunch here... Grill is oozing...

Oppsss! Creme Brulee--- My style, my taste, must love it!
More views
Yes, this white wine is easy to drink. I am not a good drinker 
A sip? I said, goodnite, §;- Look at the bottle. Isn't it spring-y too?

Hope you all had a great week-end and wish you all a blessed and blissful week to come. My week looks busy, both work and my activities. My dance class will end soon and my dance friends were enjoying to the max. We all dance like madmen for a well learn choreographies... We love our teens teacher. They both rocks. Mr. N and Mr. T, both are killers but it is absolutely worth it. 3 terms? 15 kgs lessen. Now, I am vanishing (not kidding).

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