Cloché Party @ Marty's

Week 30... soon Summer Ends

Yeah! I am a bit ironic telling that soon the summer will come to an end, and we don't even have had a summer weather yet. It is amazing, time flies so quickly.

I am out of Sweden for now. I am in the Beauty of Baltic "Riga" for a short visit while MOTH is on a meeting. It feels luxurious life for a moment. Waking up with a good breakfast, pool, sauna, gym, spa, lunch and shopping. Graciousness... I am loving it.

However, as usual, b4 I left home, I was redo with my shots.
So, in that way, I don't miss this fun time...
One of the smallest cloché at D´Box
The tallest
The fattest §:-)
A closer look of the cloché & pewter cloché  
This are the few of my clochés
A vintage clock in a cloché 
The biggest of them all is my hurricane jar
This are on my kitchen counter, ready for our healthy breakfast
Finale... the biggest of them. Homemade choco mousse...

Hope you had a great week-end and a blissful week ahead---
Gorgeous bloggie friends!!!

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God Bless to you All.

Another SSS2

Another rainy week-end...

Yes, it's week-end (Friday today) and this is suppose a great time to enjoy after the hectic week, coz I have had planned for a BBQ in the open back porch and relax in a sunny day. BUT, graciousness... the Swedish summer is not appealing this year. I told you b4 that I am not complaining, however, this is unbearable now §:-( 

As I said, I can't blame Mother Nature. Que sera sera, she is the boss, but it feels so depressing when it's raining, Mother, right? Countryside in both North and South of Sweden are flooding. Jesus! where are we going, World? Sigh***

Lucky enough, I was in the mood of walking in the mornings on the way to the Metro to work and today, I did not forget my camera. It was so ready §;-) as it was forecasted that Friday evening and the whole Saturday and Sunday will be pouring as much as you can think, another sigh**

Good morning, SHADOWLANDIA.. greeted my kitchen curtains

Time to cross the zebra crossing...  still quiet 7am in the morning

I passed this recycle boxes along the streets, smart idea
I love the crisp shadows from the whole trees--- Lacey one

Entrance is cool with the lamp, chic, huh?

I use to run in this place when legs aren't the best in the asphalt jogging track

Parents rendevouz while watching footy 

Now, back home... UNBELIEVABLE, STILL sunny SUNSHINE

Subtle shadow from my ladle and a great reflection,, while I am making a raspberry jam
2 mason jars was the outcome, precious...

This was the dessert of our Friday evening... homemade choco mousse w/ cream & of course
Do I look like missing the beach?

Hope YÁll have a great week-end. Whether you have a sunny or a rainy day.

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TY again, ladies for hosting this funtime.
Keep going & GB my beloved SHADOWLANDIA


To All my readers and followers:
Thank you so much for visiting... if I didn't visit you last time, I surely did visit you this time.
Yours truly was just too busy these past 3 weeks.
Cheers to All...

Roses & peoniesses

Ready for another party!'

It's been so busy from my part of the world. Summer means for us more work who are not in holiday. So, been working like crazy again, with my 2 students helping. It's a kinda cool, though.

A very quick done coz it's raining soon §:-)
Started with some romantic bling
I so love the color lilac with a touch of green, right?
My centerpiece is a new 2 tier cakestand
Start drizzling, so my sandals are a bit slippery, *giggles
With some of my treasure = pretty

Pioness and roses are newly picked on the backyard

I love setting outside... falling leaves is a great outdoor settings
A glimpse of my treasures
Simple, cheap and yet elegant
   Wanna join?
Liting the candle makes the ambiance romantic
Going darker
More darker...
Hope you enjoy joining my simple setting.

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Ridiculous B4 and After At D´Box

At last! The project is 95% done...

Another time to say "D´Box". To you my new readers/visitors, to tell you the truth, our house is so, petité and that's the reason, we called this house D´Box. Living in a box is not really a problem. "Compact living" is more practical. in a way, D´Box, has 3 small bedrooms, a lil kitchen, family room/dinning room. The laundry is in the cellar, together with a Spa corner, 4 small store rooms for groceries, shoe room, linen room and for jackets and pants. Oh yeah! a little house with 3 toilets and 2 bathrooms. Does it sounds petité to you?

Anyways, these lil house got a potential. Charming and cozy are the most appreciations we heard from our families and friends. So, making the house, to feel more we? We started to create small renovations. The first project was to laid stones in the entrance or the driveway, painted white and changed wallpaper. From the second floor and first floor.

Then, started this veranda. When living in a cold country, we need more place/room. So, not knowing what I planned, I told MOTH to start planning. Without any complaints, he started to dismantle every bit of the old woods and all single nails hammered. Ha ha... I never thought that doing this is almost crazy to think.

But, in MOTH's patience, all the swear things, small steps, bit by bit. Now, everything is in place.
Closet is still missing. and the pine tree soon, gone. Well done...MOTH? 


The B4...
 Left is the stair and right is the open porch with roof...
Unfortunately, I can't find a better photos...
 In this photo, the door was moved where we planned...
 GH & friend started to dismantle the floorings...
 Then the platform of the entrance veranda...
After putting all the needs for flooring, time to mix the concrete
Time to pour the concrete while GH was concreting the level
 More leveling... can you see the heating coils? I never think this will be the procedure
 After 2 days of waiting to dry the concrete, they put  a plastic thing for leveling and isolating
A real handyman... the floorings was on it's place 
Do you think GH done a great job? 
 A little entree or a foyé soon finished. Nice floorings
 The planned was that --between that wall, a closet will be up, soon
Just showing the other side...
The radiator for floor heater- isn't it pretty and clean?

The new stairs and the open porch

Isn't it more airy rather than with the old gigantus stairs? I am so happy and contented now and let see what will be the next project...

Hope he can seat and relax now till my next plan starts. HUH??? LoL* Guess what? I planned to change the wallpaper in the cellar, then I need a crafty corner too. I am not sure how this plan work, but that's another story to tell. Ssssshhh... don't say out loud, MOTH might hear us?

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ENJOY YOUR MONDAY, great people of Bloggielandia


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