Valentine's Impression, by: ME

YES, I like to modify and it works

It does not matter if it is black, white or red as longit works for the celebration. It doesn't mean that because it is Valentine's day, it is red. It is funny to be one of a kind from the flock this time.

So, I go and try with another color this time...
Heart bowl
I just love the simply of IKEA glasses

Vilroy & Bosch

Me & U against the world, oil/vinegar shakers

Blackhearted is not just evil...

Ain't love my new(unused) purchased shoes? Perfect for the theme




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Enjoying my Space and my Time in SSS2

Ha! Am I lazy?

It is funny to hear my friends in my age and younger said "We don't have time for activities" and when I told them that it is a matter of priorities! Eyebrows raised and they think that I am crazy, how the H....L I get those thought coping my time?

Anyways, that's their priorities and mine are mine, right? What I am just trying to say is that "better late than never". I love doing my activities, my OWN time and my OWN space, that matter.

I just want to share some SHADOWS here & there...
If you are a true SSS:er then YOU find wherever they are!
Visited Sta. Eugenia Catholic Church entrance  b4 w/end ----
THEN... more family & activity today...
Am I excused, coz I don't have sunny day today, §:-) ?
 HA! Am just saying?
 No one can beat the big "B", they reckoned. Better than young ones, eh?
Winter Gocart Racer!
 Prize? Pizza? Hmmm... I stay with the veggie falafel, thanks?

With more activities on the evening!!!
 I am enjoying my evenings on the dance floor with a good friend Cicci

Dancing the first block of the choreo! Ha ha... hard job this time.
Old lady can't memorize, LoL*

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RUSTY? Just Sayin´---- Aqua Blue or Turqouise?

Life is like a weather, if  it is not boiling HOT, it's  freaking FREEZING?

Hello Lovely Ladies in my Bloglandia?

I hope everyone had a great and enjoyable w/end with your loveones. I myself, had a quiet one. Enjoying to max with my friends all over the world, chatting and I had a great time uncluttering here and there and Sunday evening, I started again my Street dance. In short, I had a productive w/end, as to say. Apart from our weather. Stockholm is freezing and she will freeze more months to come. 

Anyways, my theme this week is Aqua Blue or Turqouise?
Which is which?
I started with my Swedish silver Carlström flatwares. They followed wherever I am 
 Followed by my Benetton dinnerwares. I owned them since 2000. Kids fave
How about this salad plates? I couldn't resist to show You All b4 Spring
 Cookie jar became a vase this time as a centerpiece
 Don't you love my rusty Fleur de Lis? Adore the rustiness
 Bubbled wine glasses are from Dalani's & Victorian tea candle holder
Lid of the cookie jar! Rusty, me LIKE, added as a bling...
 I added the Kosta Boda decanter & mega vase & a glass tea box
 Iittala water decanter wanna join. Behind is my pretty candle holders

Showing some shots... 
 U R the STAR of my B...T §:-)

An evening shots 
 Mini scent candles lit for a cozy ambiance
 Then, the BIG ones follow
 Even the smallest eager to show their gracious flames
I hope you all enjoy the simplicity of D´Box
Live life to the it's fullest, dear friends...
God Bless Us All

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Hope you all visit all participants of our hostess, for more enjoyable parties. New Year, New friends and New Inspirations. We have to stroll to whoever we encounter in this called "Blogielandia"


SSS2 in a Freezing City of Stocholm

It is terrible COLD

Mid-week of January and it is freezing! This is a week now that the capital city of Sweden, is freezing down to -22 degrees centigrade. I can't imagine that I'd survive living in this cold country. I still recall when my old folks said "It is a matter of adapting. Be patience". Oh yeah! I am absolutely adapting after 25 yrs of living here. 

Well, what can I complain more apart from the temperature? Sunshine... I never thought that sunshine could make one's mood and health. What I know was vit D §:-) Don't you think I was loittering when our Health teacher lectured this subject? LoL*


DAY at Work yesterday!

Palm tree and behind is where you can find me
How fancy is this? Suddenly, Mr. Sunshine visit us

Mr. Sunshine, Thank you for peeping me at my desk
This is the view out from my office... there was nothing b4 
 And the other side... I was drooling to go out to have a bit of sun


Good Morning Lovelies... 
I was so tired, so I got up at today. Sunshine?
 Freezing week-end offer a sunny day thru our kitchen window
What's for breakfast, Love? 

The view of Ericsson Globe Arena where all big events held...
Around the wall to roof is where the Sky View located and you can
see the whole view of Stockholm. 

Oh yeah... that's the shots I could share with you today, dear friends. 
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A little words from D´Box... Hope you have a blessed w/end.
God Bless Us All...


What's Up?

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