My Memes Love...

Another Weekend, Another Meme...

It is a lot of fun taking some photos when we know what happen on them, right? Shadows, Blues, Inspirations, tablescapes, Pretties, so on and so forth.

I am a bit pushy sometimes and my family get blushed and embarassed and there, MOI, the old lady just giggled and says, "thanks". Nothing is really harmful,  I reckoned?

Anyways, another fun day, when Stockholm is sunny right?
Sunny,  huh? And my backyard is awaken soon...
Having our breakfast in the front porch...
Voilá! Does this mean, SPRING? Keep fingers X, pepz!
They are my co-workers. Walking in heavy steps. Like me, they wanted  & prefer 
to be outside and enjoy the sunny day!
Anyway, this is our mingle entrance. Trendy, lots!
Mingle morning. An angel and the cutest Buddha of them all... LoL*
He is our Process Mgr. and got a new task to another Dept. So...
... his boss, had a gathering for us on a Friday coffee break, but I honestly skipped the Cal!
I always watched the man who painted this Metro (train) wooden art everyday.
Now, it is absolutely done and it seems so inviting.

WELCOME TO SWEDEN, dear bloggie friends.

Hope you are enjoying a day in Stockholm and the simple life of a NOMAD.

Joining of course...
SSS2 hosted by our 3's Marias:
Magical Teacher
And on Monday, Smiling Sally hosting her Blue Monday...

Have a blessed All...

14 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you for such a fun tour! I can't believe you turned down those yummy treats! Great will power!

  2. Happy Weekend!! Love that is taking on the look of spring in your corner of the planet!! Despite the yucky weather of yesterday, we had sun and 39 degrees. Lots of melting took place today and the robins are singing a happy song...therefore so shall I!

  3. It is so nice to see the sun shining. Stockholm is such a pretty city especially with the sun shining so brightly. We still have snow and it is snowing even more right now. I can dream tonight of a sunny day in Stockholm and pretend I am there.

  4. The wooden art is so enchanting. Great idea for a mural. And love the touches of sunlight in your lovely street scenes.

  5. It seems as though all your snow has vanished--finally! Happy spring to you!

  6. Ja när sopmaskinen kommer är det vår, iår kom
    den tidigt. Härligt och sitta ute och äta, vilken
    fin helg vi har. Roligt och se bilder från ditt jobb också.

  7. grreat sequence of shots - i like the shadows in the second one

  8. luv the shadows at breakfast and breakfast looks absolutely yummy; have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  9. Looks like Spring to me, Chie!! Hej! Long time - no see... Hoppas du har det bra! Å, vad jag blev sugen på prinsesstårta, men er frukost såg yummy ut också!! Det svenska våren är underbar - speciellt när man kan njuta av solen utomhus! Höstkramar från Australien♥ ~Pernilla ...HBM too :)

  10. Hi Chie,

    You found so many blues. Thanks for sharing.

    Did you really resist eating that darling cake? Wow. You're stronger than I am.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  11. Once again, an interesting little tour of your city!

    Shipping Blues

  12. Hi, Chie! I'm sure it took a LOT of strength to skip the calories of the luscious treat brought in for your co-worker's party!!! Those cakes look delicious!!!

    I'm glad you were able to soak up a little sunshine! It really does make you feel so much better. Breakfast on the posh!!!

    It's rainy here this morning, but the sun should make an appearance by the afternoon. My Mom and I are going shopping, so that will be fun!

    I hope you have a wonderful week! Take care of yourself, and enjoy all the sunshine you can!!!

  13. Ha! Those are tempting treats and wonder how you skipped it successfully hahaha.

    Have a great week ahead sistah!

  14. Beautyiful and fun post! I love the images of all of you coworkers strolling by and getting some sun, as I'm sure you'll be having lovely spring weather soon dear Chie. Boy! Looking at that buffet filled with yummy things , which you had enough guts to friend you are awesome! Breakfast in the porch sounds awesome too! I'm also happy you seem to be feeling a lot more up in your spirits. I prayed for you in my last rosary gathering.
    Have a lovely week.


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