All Souls Day... Swedish Style to Remember LoveOnes...

Indeed it is today!

Swedish celebration is absolutely simple. Church and cemetery to lit candles and a dinner or just to gather for a coffee and some sweets are enough to remember our family members who joined with our Creator.

While, in The Philippines, where I was raised in another manner is far way of what I celebrate here. A 3 Days festivities in the cemetery, cleaning, mingling, praying and partying.

My 2 Worlds mets differently. Ask me if it is easy? But my ife is beautiful. No regrets to whatever, I met across.

Here's my day...
 Just making my fried rice with bacon like... you know? LoL*
 Dessert wooden spoons are from Cape Town.
 Don't you love these acorn set? I purchased these last year and forgot I have them...
 Rusty is what I like... a simple coffee break my style
 Centerpiece reflects Daddy Love who passed away 2005 on his 90th Bday
And dear old Mama. Passed away 2012, 6 monhs after she celebratedher 90th bday...
  Clay dessert plates awaits something...
 Still light outside while snowflakes drops on our windowpanes...  
  Aren't they cuties? I love and missed them soooooo... 
GH chilling while waiting for our Wellness Girl for a massage...
Big Missy's room became our massage room, instead...
Our weekend ended in a very simple and a quiet moment, just having together.

How about you? Do you take a day or sometime to stop and listen to yourself?

Changing a Lifestyle is must...
SSS is my oldest meme Ever...

Tuesdays, is Marty's Day. She inspire me from day 1 to date.
I fall inlove to Susan's TS since I started blogging 2008



Happy and blessed weekend dear bloggers

What's going on with DaBox? Bits and Pieces...

I wonder why and you too, right?

It's been awhile not hearing from me and the simple box of Stockholm, Sweden. Was that 4 weeks or so? Well, there are some reasons behind all those weeks had been. But for a blogger, like me and you, these is a long absence.

I even forgot to share my trips, which I am blessed to have. 4 times or so, a year isn't bad for a girl from nowhere, right? I love my adventures and honestly, speaking, I am still adventuring. Let's see where I ended my next trip, maybe domestic or international and might be the last trip for 2016.

Anyways, I been doing some TS during these past weeks but, it only uploaded in my FB page. Some of you might saw me there and unfortunately, I couldn't cope up some of my time at DaBox, which I suppose to do.

So, now, I can give you some eye-views of what was or what is happening around me.

Making A Difference, Winter Time
Interesting or Not... but here I come. 
Who can't LOVE my lovelies? Changing them from time to time, is Gorgeous. Aren't they?

Knowing that this weekend is Halloween or is it?
 I don't really have time to decoration this year, so I just grab what is in hand as my centerpiece
 It seems, you got the point, right?
 Cool or not, but I like the color combo.
 It happens the shadows make the whole thing, difference.
Not the very best of DaBox, but I managed to gather some blings b4 the end of the day.

I know, I don't have the inspirations. I am being lazy and I need a different or a new innovation of my blogging. I need the style and being heard, being seen, although our differences. The time difference, the days, the weather and so on and so forth. I am going older in the name of blogging. Now, I am ready to face the second phase. Aren't you? Shall we stay as it is? 

We have transformation day, the parties, the linkies and etc. How are we going to change our theme, style and even our geographical spread? Can you inspire me?

Oh Gosh! I am ending Mrs. October whining? Hope not!

OK, ladies & gentlemen... enjoy your Autumn holidays and hope to catch up with all soon.

YaY... I made it to You, guys...

It was awhile ago, joining your fun, Susan MET MONDAY. Thank you for inspiring me. Inspirations starts the end of October and that is a good start.
Thanks, Marty for a great party.
Thanks for the great inspiration, Susan. You are one of the inspiration of DaBox.

Inspiration Tuesday...

What can I share to Inspire You?

We all have our ways of inspiring everyone or might someone out there, who, in a way, I can inspire of my travels and adventures. Me and GH love to travel. Just one continent left, Sout America, then we travelled the whole continents.

Can I inspire him and you what the world offer us? Well, those who travel know what I feel and I am feel blessed to visit the wonders of our beautiful world.

Yes... I know, I am not going younger, so I decided to mobilize now that I still can do the things I never done when I was younger. An experience for a lifetime.

Right now, our cottage is not in the best shape (yet) after the bathroom make-over. 

The problem started end of April when we found out that there was a big water damaged on the floorings. Blah... blah... insurance... handymen... blah blah... and at the end, it feels, AM NOT BOTHERED! It took 3 months to put up together, imagine? Until now, the painter who will paint the window pane and the ceiling is no where to contact. So, back to square ONE?
This was already half done. I couldn't find the rotten flooring...what can you say? HOLY MOLLY!
Here is the finished flooring... at least nothing is rotten under.

If you see the b4 photo, behind that wall is the Man's cave (GH TV room) It was damaged too.
Man Cave in it's Highness Make-Over

GH (hubz of mine for 31 years), decided to have a trip to The Philippines, Bintan Island (Indonesia) and of course, Singapore. We we're out for adventure for 5 long weeks. That means... the whole summer in Sweden. He just want to forget the hassel we had.

So, I am sharing partly from Singapore

Me and GH work at one of Sweden's largest bank and we have our branch office in Singapore. The HO in Asia. As I need to chill in The Philippines, GH make an itinerary that the last 2 weeks of our vacation, we will be in Singapore. He had to work for another gigantous release of our bank dealing system. Happy weeks, my pleasure and business trip. Isn't it amazing? I couldn't say "NO". 
Well, we stayed at Fairmont Hotel Singapore. One of the finest hote, 5***** in the country. It was fantastic stay. Our room was in the 26th floor, the highest floor of the hotel. We upgraded to a Penthouse. OMG! I was blowned away. Just the view...

My view from my bed. That is Marina Bay Sands Tower Hotel and overlooking at the whole North side of Singapore. This was taken when the country was in haze. Indonesia's forest was on fire...
This the view, Skyline, left side from Marina Bay Sands Tower Hotel.These 2 our main view from the bed
Dancing Trees are one of our view too. They dances 7.45 every evening. Famous attraction.
At the other side is The Swiss Hotel and if you see the tennis area, just behind that is Raffel's Hotel
This was my best place during my Asian breakfast... 3 restos to choose as we are Presidential guests.
Our Chef always wear a smile, everytime I come and say "Xie-xie"
 We even have our own Room Attendant (what a luxurious life)
Loving the Willow Spa. Looks like, I am alone in this area. Another luxury time in here.

Well, this is all for now. The quick peek of Singaporean life. Who don't love living here? Awww... the problem is, HOT and HUMID.
Till we see again, fellow bloggers.
You all, rocks with your inspiration posts. I love and I will come and visit you.

Thank you, Marty for always hosting. One of the best Linky party in the Blogger World.
GB you.

Meeting Modern Filippa K to another Swedish lovely...

B&W anyone?

It's been awhile, once again. I guess, nothing much to share but, hey I been away for a 5 weeks adventure in The Philippines, Bintan Island in Indonesia and Singapore.

Sharing this for now... I will be uploading some adventures photos soon..
So long time, I never been blogging and I confess I do miss this network. Thank You Susan for always deliver and share the best time of a blogger's life.

What's Up?

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