What's going on with DaBox? Bits and Pieces...

I wonder why and you too, right?

It's been awhile not hearing from me and the simple box of Stockholm, Sweden. Was that 4 weeks or so? Well, there are some reasons behind all those weeks had been. But for a blogger, like me and you, these is a long absence.

I even forgot to share my trips, which I am blessed to have. 4 times or so, a year isn't bad for a girl from nowhere, right? I love my adventures and honestly, speaking, I am still adventuring. Let's see where I ended my next trip, maybe domestic or international and might be the last trip for 2016.

Anyways, I been doing some TS during these past weeks but, it only uploaded in my FB page. Some of you might saw me there and unfortunately, I couldn't cope up some of my time at DaBox, which I suppose to do.

So, now, I can give you some eye-views of what was or what is happening around me.

Making A Difference, Winter Time
Interesting or Not... but here I come. 
Who can't LOVE my lovelies? Changing them from time to time, is Gorgeous. Aren't they?

Knowing that this weekend is Halloween or is it?
 I don't really have time to decoration this year, so I just grab what is in hand as my centerpiece
 It seems, you got the point, right?
 Cool or not, but I like the color combo.
 It happens the shadows make the whole thing, difference.
Not the very best of DaBox, but I managed to gather some blings b4 the end of the day.

I know, I don't have the inspirations. I am being lazy and I need a different or a new innovation of my blogging. I need the style and being heard, being seen, although our differences. The time difference, the days, the weather and so on and so forth. I am going older in the name of blogging. Now, I am ready to face the second phase. Aren't you? Shall we stay as it is? 

We have transformation day, the parties, the linkies and etc. How are we going to change our theme, style and even our geographical spread? Can you inspire me?

Oh Gosh! I am ending Mrs. October whining? Hope not!

OK, ladies & gentlemen... enjoy your Autumn holidays and hope to catch up with all soon.

YaY... I made it to You, guys...

It was awhile ago, joining your fun, Susan MET MONDAY. Thank you for inspiring me. Inspirations starts the end of October and that is a good start.

Thanks, Marty for a great party.

Thanks for the great inspiration, Susan. You are one of the inspiration of DaBox.

What's Up?

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