Too many to reveal...a life changes

But, will tell a bit now & later...

When you're enjoying life to the fullest, did you notice that the time just pass by on the tip of your nose?

Well, I feel that so. I am having a blast now, when I have the time to enjoy. No rush, no stress. Yes, I was in the Philippines for 8 weeks and trip around Asia. That is how a globetrotter do, isn't it Ate Christine? I know you were in the Philippines and side tripping around Asia. LoL*

Many things happened and of course, I take one step at a time. Blessing comes, blessing goes. That's Life too?

First thing, first reveal is that, I bought 2 houses when I was downthere. Am I crazy? I guess, a bit but my decision was "Now or Never". It might be a coincidence or just my faith. But, I played my cards and that was it.

Our Little Sara
This is a townhouse kind, a tiny one but it is good enough for us for the time being while building the second.
GH is checking for the finishing touches... I will be visisting once again on October to do the interior thing. My kind of chores...
Welcome to Camella Trails, Tagum City, Davao del Norte. This is our street from the Hi-way.
Just 5 minutes from Robinson Shopping Mall. The biggest mall in the city.

This is our Greta, with the plan... She is still working hard to finish and welcome The Nics and DaBox in Stockholm, Sweden might be on sale, sooner or later. I have now 4 houses in the country and 1 in Sweden is not easy to handle. One or 2 have to break up with Us.
In the maintime, I am happy and blessed. The kids are all grown up as well as my granddaughter Noomi.

She's on summer holiday in Boracay, Philippines
Taken in Seoul & Busan... OMG, she is also a globetrotter kid!

While the kiddos are busy with their own lives, the old Mumma went to a chillaxing mode. Now, is my time to relax and explore the World.
Here I am, doing footspa. I love it.
Feeling I am the Queen, ain't she? LoL*
Posed like a superstar at Raffles Hotel, Singapore
Good friends stay together, dance forever...
Had a time for a morning swim
Bonding with my childhood best friend

These are just some of the things, I been up to lately. It sounds I am having a great time and indeed, I had a great one.

Hope you all have a great time, wherever and whatever you do. Just remember, life is too short. Make the best of it. Have a wonderful Sunday and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL. Sweden will celebrate it's MD on the 28th and I will be sharing the day with you again.

GOD BLESS US ALL. Keep the Peace in your heart.

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