What's Up?

Yeah! still going up here @DaBox...

Days goes so quickly. It's June now, but our Mother Nature is not in the mood sharing her likes. Right? The Swedish weather is like a roller coaster. Sometimes its sunny, sometimes hail, sometimes rainy and sometimes, soooo cloudy.

But, we're enjoying whatever it may be

The garden it's blooming in it's BEST...
 Our sundeck is a year now and we all love it specially when sun shine on us...
My fresh pick lilacs lays in my new vase
My smoothie Creation for my recipe book. New goblets from Svenskt Tenn
Our lounge summer look...

 In Sweden "Fika/coffee" time is a must. Enjoying outside, while it last.
Some of the compositions for my upcoming recipe book (Pinoy Style)

This is how I spent my days if I am not working. Soon, we are also downsizing. And that time can be stressy. I been looking around and many of my fine things must be sell out. My heart break. to let them go.

THE SCOOP is one of my fave link party. The ladies who are hosting are fantastic.

 Will be joining Marty with her party today.
And so to Susan on Thursday.

Wow! Feels ages joining this party...

Mix and Match Tablesettings

Settings that I called my own style...

Knowing that we have different styles, different likes, I also want you to show my kitchen love, that I haven't shown you for awhile. To be able to refresh your memory about me *giggle, my dear bloggers, because I was not that active as I was Before. Instagram and my travels took my time, LoL*_*

In my long months of absence, below shows that I still love tablescaping and still love my plates and I am still a "Meme Lover".
These are one of my fave set that I will bring wherever I live 
 Flowers, fresh fruits and my cups? These are the one who makes me more happy
A blogger is a Lifetime Blogger... Am I trendy now?
Being a Trainingfreak, I created my smoothies and that made me even healthier
This is my version of Filipino Boodle fight. I included this on my table today because, this is one of how we, Filipinos have parties. This is my first time doing in my home in Sweden.
Boodle fight, is a military way of eating, however, it became a famous and unique dining.
It's More Fun in The Philippines, against all odds.

Hope you join me again in my funtime @DaBox. Maybe this is the last summer, we live in this house as we planned to move to The Philippines (half year in Sweden-half year in Davao City, Phils.)
And When that time come, I will surely share "The New Life @Greta), a name of our house that is still under develop.

Stay tune, dear friends and I can't wait to ask you some help, maybe? We know well that we are here to inspire us? Thank You once again.

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch
Thank You Susan for all the inspiration since 2008 (I guess?) playing with you and your memes.

What's Up?

Yeah! still going up here @DaBox... Days goes so quickly. It's June now, but our Mother Nature is not in the mood sharing her like...